What I’m About to Say Sounds so Mean, But Sometimes Your Ex Fucks Better than Anyone You Know!

So how many of you think your ex fucks better than the person you are with? To be honest, I still think about my exes that I have been with.

It’s always nice to run into some of my exes. I truly believe that I walked away from those experiences learning so much more and became a better person for it.

One past ex fucks better than most of the guys since!

There was this ex named Andrew. I’ll never forget when I saw Andrew’s cock, I about screamed.  In my mind, there wasn’t going to be an easy way to fit that whole cock in any hole. His cock was like a big monster emerging from its hiding place.

When I think back to my hottest anal sex stories memory, I think of Andrew. I remember being so scared, but Andrew helped me through the whole thing. He relaxed me with a sensual massage and then licked me from head to toe. I’m getting goosebumps thinking of how expertly his tongue traveled and teased its way down my body. So when he finally went inside of my ass, it felt so perfect. It took a bit as he was big.

One day I went over to a friend’s house.

I went to a friend’s house to discover that my ex Andrew was there to visit her too. We tried not to let on that we had a history, but it was no use. We instantly started talking and before you know it, I had given Andrew my number to call me later.

So later, Andrew and I met up for a quick dinner. Over dinner, we caught up and discovered that we still missed one another. There was every intention to just eat dinner and then go our separate ways. He escorted me to my car, opened the door for me, and then pressed me against the car. Our lips crashed together so perfectly like two lovers who had always been together.

It felt so amazing to feel his warm lips pressed against mine. My body responded to every touch, every teasing caress. So we drove to his house and went inside.

Once inside, it was on!

Once the door closed, Andrew started kissing me and asked if I missed him. Between kisses, I admitted that I thought about him often even when my husband licked my pussy or fucked me. I’d think about Andrew’s massive cock sliding in and out of my wet hole or my earth-shattering orgasms as he brought me to a sweet orgasm.

Andrew just knew me and I don’t think I’ve met anyone quite like him. Next, Andrew walked me back to his bedroom and we slowly undressed. It was as if we had never broken up. He knew where to kiss, how to touch, how to talk dirty to me to make me so wet. When he finally went down on me, I felt my whole world shake with passion. I must admit my screams escaped with no shame. I honestly couldn’t believe I was letting another man make me cum over and over while my husband waited for me at home.

After I finally came back from my orgasm, he started to put his massive cock inside of me.

Well, Andrew didn’t wait for a pause. His cock was so hard by this time. He drove his shaft straight inside of me. My body and bed shook as he hit every sensitive spot imaginable.  The orgasms washed over me like a wave. His name lingered on my lips as I chanted his name with every wonderful orgasm.

It felt so wonderful to be back in his arms again. It’s true what they say, sometimes your ex fucks better. I couldn’t wait to deliver the cream pie home to my husband, but that is for another story and another day.

Do you agree that sometimes your ex fucks better? 

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