Jaxon was born on June 15th, only five days before I was.  This was the best day of the year.   The greatest man alive, at least to me anyway, was born. We were inseparable throughout childhood; we did EVERYTHING together!  Now we are sexy and mature, but we still do everything together, even fuck!  Work and play; I don’t do anything without him by my side! 

Our Businesses

Jaxon and I own many businesses and multiple real estate properties, as well.  Somehow we booked two important meetings in the same week.  One meeting was on the East coast, and the other was on the West coast.  We had to conduct the meetings separately as they could no longer be postponed.  I would not be by his side, and he would not be by mine for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

There He was . . .

After my scheduled meetings were concluded, I went to the hotel bar to get a drink.  I was waiting to hear from my partner Bryant to give him the news that the client accepted our proposal.  We were going to add 10 million dollars to our already diverse portfolio.  As I am nursing my drink and checking my phone, a deep, sexy voice says, ” Good Evening!  I could not help but notice your beauty from across the room.  May I join you and buy you a drink?”  I looked over my shoulder, and one of the most handsome men I had ever laid eye on, other than Jaxon,  was staring down at me.  For a moment, I was speechless.  Finally, I said, “Sure!” He summoned the bartender and ordered me another drink and one for himself.   “Come here often?  I know that was a corny line, but l am trying to break the ice,” he said. ” My name is Benjamin.”
“Hello, I am Rachelle, and I am here on business.”
We continued to talk, and minutes turned to hours.  I realize that this was the first man I had ever connected with other than Jaxon, who was always by my side.  We did everything together, even fuck; I don’t do anything without him by my side. I might want to fuck Benjamin, but I have never fucked anyone without  Jaxon by my side.  What do I do?

The Presidential Suite

“So, do you have a room here in the hotel? I want to spend some time with you a little more intimately.”  My client paid for me to stay in the presidential suite, so I invited him to the suite for room service.
We waited for room service, and by the time it arrived, we were in the complimentary robes the hotel provided.  We fed each other chocolate-covered strawberries and covered each other in honey, and licked it off. Benjamin licked my pussy as it had never been ravished before.  He put his tongue in every nook and cranny of my plump, juicy lips, and he bore into my hot hole like he was trying to get the last bit of peanut butter from the bottom of the jar.

Just as I was going to get the Dick . . .

As he removed his boxers, it was time for me to return the favor.  His dick was so beautiful!  It was long (at least 10 inches), thick, and hard as fuck.  I summoned for him to get back on the bed with a raise of my eyebrow. Grabbing his shaft with both hands, I opened my mouth to take him into my throat, and there was a knock at the door.   “They will go away; we are busy,” I said and went back to engulfing my lips around this giant cock.  Just as I was going to place my mouth on the head, I heard the door open, and someone entered the suite.

We do everything together, even fuck!

It’s was Jaxon!  “Jaxon, what are you doing here? I tried calling you, but you did not answer.  Meet Benjamin.  Would you like to join us?”  Before Jaxon could reply to my proposal, Benjamin jumped off the bed in astonishment.  “Who is this dude.  What the fuck do you mean to join us? “
“Oh, this is Jaxon!  We do everything together, even fuck,” I said.
“I don’t understand; I didn’t know you had a significant other, ” Benjamin said.
“Jaxon is not my significant other; silly, he is my twin!  We do everything together, even fuck!”
I don’t know if Benjamin was in awe or just super excited.  He gathered his clothes and ran from my room shouting, “You two are fucking crazy.  I should have called a phone sex operator.  It would have been less stressful!”  Jaxon and I enjoyed the rest of the evening together.  Thinking about who we would fuck next besides each other.  We do everything together,  even fuck!
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