Fantasy sex stories are often just that, a fantasy.

The chances of someone’s fantasy sex stories becoming real-life sex stories are slim to none. This is what I thought until my vacation. Growing up I would always sit and watch tv with my mom before bed, one of my favorite shows was Beverly Hills 90210. I dreamed of living that life and being just like them, they were so pretty I idolized them. I wanted to make Dylan McKay my boyfriend. Loving the bad boy in him made my mom worry.

Fast forward to October 2017.

I am now on vacation in California. Deciding to make the hour and 15 min ride to Altadena to visit Casa De Walsh (the Beverly Hills 90210 house where Dylan spent most of his time while dating Brenda). As I am taking pictures of the house that I wish I grew up in my daydreaming must have gotten the best of me. Not noticing that someone had walked up next to me. Looking over I recognized him. It was Dylan McKay standing next to me.

At that moment I turned in to a teenage schoolgirl giggling and telling him how much I loved him and always had dreams about him.

What happened next was unthinkable. We came up with the idea to break into the house and see what it looks like from the inside. Not sure why I went along with this but I did. As we made our way through the house I was explaining to him how I had the biggest crush on him growing up. Before I knew it we were in the upstairs bedroom. He looked at me with that sexy grin that he has. I giggled again as he leaned over and kissed me.

My body turned to jello as I felt my pussy begin to tingle and get instantly wet.

Sitting on the bed he sat next to me and gently eased me back into the laying position. Hovering over me his kisses moved from my lips down to my tits. Working his lips down to my belly button I couldn’t help to think that fantasy sex stories do come true, Dylan McKay is now kissing my inner thighs and I had to fight myself from cumming right then. By the time his tongue reached my clit I had already become so wet, I’m sure there was a spot on the sheets.

Standing up and unzipping his pants I couldn’t wait to get his beautiful cock in my mouth. I took every inch of it in as I went up and down several times. Licking and sucking until he pushed my head away. He said he didn’t want to cum yet, he wanted to feel his dick inside of my pussy.

I do have to say that day is a day I will remember forever.

Of all of my adult sex stories, this one has to be my favorite. Do you want to know how to get phone sex for free? Call me and I will tell you.

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