Ever Had A Girl Squirt in Your Mouth? Look No Further!

Have you ever wanted to feel a girl squirt in your mouth? Maybe even have her do it on your cock? Let me tell you about a time that I squirted on a guy, and he had no idea what was happening.

Jason and I had fucked before. He was always so good about taking me out on a date and then pleasuring me in the best ways possible afterwards. This particular night I was feeling so damn horny! I couldn’t wait to get his mouth on my pussy and then cock inside of me. Because I was feeling extra horny, I knew I was going to squirt on him tonight. I decided not to tell him my little secret!

He got me back to my house and into my bed. My clothing was on the floor in a heartbeat. He started by kissing down my body towards my cunt. I was shivering with anticipation. As soon as his lips hit my clit I knew I was a goner! He sucked on my clit and shoved two fingers inside of me. He was pulling up on my g-spot just perfect. I told him I wanted him to suck me even harder so that I’d cum for him.

That’s when I felt it building. My orgasm was coming on fast and strong. I was going to squirt so hard for him! He hit my g-spot extra hard on the next stroke and I lost it. I erupted in pleasure, cumming into his mouth. And then it happened. He moved his mouth just a little and I squirted all over his face. He stopped moving for just a moment; long enough to figure out what was going on.

And then the most amazing thing happened. He came onto my bed. He’d been laying on his stomach so his cock was against my bed. When I started to squirt on him, he got so excited him creamed himself. That was fucking amazing! He stood up after finishing my cunt all the way and proudly declared what an amazing fuck I’d been. Don’t worry I like him and my sheets clean 😉

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