Ever Fucked An Armpit?

I walked into my bedroom and saw him standing over my dirty clothes. His back was to me so I wasn’t sure what was going on. When he heard the door open he turned around slowly, and revealed he had my panties in his hands. Did he just smell them? What the fuck is going on and what’s in his armpit? “Seth! What the hell are you doing up here?” He just stared at me blankly. “Can you please tell me why you’re in my room smelling my dirty underwear?” “Oh…well…Jillian…I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t help it! I’ve always been so attracted to you. I needed to come up here and just smell really fast. I’m leaving now.”

I stood in the doorway to stop him. I laid my hand on his chest and looked right into his eyes. “You’re attracted to me? As in you want me? Well Seth, I can fix that for you if you’d like!” I dropped my hand and started to unbutton my blouse. I let it fall to the floor. I then raised my arms as I pulled my tank top on. I saw him looking at my armpits. “You okay Seth?” He nodded as he licked his lips!

We were both undressed very quickly and lying on my bed.

He was so hard and fucking sexy! I couldn’t believe my eyes. He grabbed my hands and raised them above my head. He then started to lick and suck on my armpit. I was shocked but god did it feel so good! Once there was spit everywhere he got up on his knees and stuck his dick right into my wet pit. I closed my arm shut around his erection as he started to pump in and out.

I couldn’t believe Seth was fucking my armpit. Not only was I surprised by what he was doing, I was surprised by how turned on it made me. After he came I reached over and licked up whatever cum I could reach! I plan to get my armpits fucked many more times by Seth!

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