He Was Looking For More Than Just A Maid

Not long ago, I was looking for a way to make some extra money. I saw a notice that a house in one of the better areas of town was seeking a maid. So I applied, not knowing what to expect. I am glad I did. The owner is a wealthy businessman, and I soon found out he was seeking more than a maid. He was very distinguished-looking and he soon asked if I’d be interested in more than housekeeping. So I had sex with him, and it wasn’t bad at all. He gave me a huge tip and I realized this was where the true money lay. I never dreamed of a job as a maid that could lead to any escort stories, but it did.

I impressed him for sure

He seemed quite impressed with my sexual stylings. He asked if I’d be open to a few more adventures. When I asked what that would entail, he told me he had some friends. Very discreet ones. That would also pay handsomely to be with me. I was soon doing several of his friends and making incredible money, all cash.

A Little Kink Never Hurt

Some of his friends were a bit kinky though. The first one brought me what I thought was a gift. I opened the box and inside was a strap on and a harness. He expected me to fuck him up the ass. I was told it would be worth my while to do so, so I did it. He got on the bed, elbows down, ass up and I came towards him in the harness. I popped the head into him and he groaned. I eased forward until nearly all the surely what must have been nine inches disappeared into him.

Two Is Even Better

Then another night two of his friends came at once and asked if I’d ever been double penetrated. Would I be open to such a thing? Of course, they would compensate. I decided to go for it. What good are escort stories if not exciting? They had well-lubed me up and sandwiched between these two men on the bed.

I was definitely full

The one was already in my pussy as I rode him. The other behind me as I leaned forward and fucked his friend. I felt the tip of his cock slide into my ass and then in it went, all the way up to the balls. I felt full, a fullness I’d never felt before as the two of them fucked me. So then had two loads of their jizz leaking out of me, front and back. They left a healthy stack of bills on the dresser on the way out. Hot sex for big bucks? So Cool!

Some Pussy Was Different In A Good Way

A few nights later, a couple came in and I was a bit surprised. I’d not been expecting a woman, but why not? She was pretty; the man was attractive, and there would be plenty of money after a few hours of fun. She laid out on the bed, legs spread for me. I went down on her pussy, licking her copious wetness that flowed from her slit. I felt her hubby come up from behind and place his cock into my already dripping wet cunt from behind. He wasn’t that big, but he was big enough.

It Was Hot In Every Way

I made her squeal with delight as I nursed on her clit and her husband watched over my shoulder. He huffed, and he puffed, and I could feel his balls bouncing off of me as he gave me a good pounding. I felt him go off in me. In two winks, she was underneath me licking my clit and his cum as it dribbled out of me. Fuck, she was fantastic at licking cunt and I soon came in her mouth.

Exhibitionist In Me Came Out

There’s no shortage of hot escort stories out there, but my own is special to me. The boss asked me one night how I felt about an audience, and I asked what he meant. He said he wanted to fuck me while maybe ten of his nearest and dearest friends watched us. I was game, why not? So with chairs circled around a bed, we went to it, and the men in the chairs began to masturbate.

I Made Some Hot Memories For Sure

I could look around and see their hardened cocks in their hands, being pumped. I was on all fours, taking it from behind as ten men stroked themselves and watched. My boss grabbed my ample tits, pulling me hardback onto his cock. He reached around and fingered my clit, making me cum. My orgasm triggered his, and one by one I could see men around the bed ejaculate as they watched. They got up and left, each tossing money in a bowl by the door as they left. I felt like such a whore.

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