What are the boys doing? I am hearing them in their bedroom but can’t make out what they are saying. Quietly sliding the door open a crack, I see Jimmy and Joey with their pants down and their penis’ out. “What the fuck is going on?” I shout as I am pushing the door open. This Erotic Mature Goddess has caught her grandson’s mid-play with each other.

The boys are frozen as they look up at me storming into the room. Then Jimmy smiles and says, “Our penis’ hurt so we were trying to make them feel better Grandma.” The boys are very young and staying with me for the summer. The opportunity to experiment was there for the taking. Even though I am not really mad, I am not telling them that.

As an erotic mature goddess, I am open to so many things!

First, and foremost, my family has played together or generations. We are open to the kids playing together. Now, these young boys don’t know that, and it is always fun to scare the grandkids when I catch them playing at my house. Each of my kids has their own rules and established play, meaning I don’t know what level they are at when they are at home with their parents.

Here is my home, I do the loving grandma for years until I feel they are ready for more. Some of my grandkids are more advanced, like my two wild granddaughters. One loves pussy so much, she is a superstar with her soccer team at school. The other loves penis’ so much she is quite popular at our “special” parties. Just like Grandma, never met a dick I couldn’t love. Being an erotic mature goddess, I have seen my share of cocks. Or like my older grandson that loves his Naughty Grandma.

With these two young men, we have only gotten to “loving” bath time.

Now, here there are at my house for the summer and I find them touching each other. Woohoo, we are going to have a great summer vacation. I ask why they didn’t come to me or my husband for advice or help. Then they tell me Grandpa said it will feel good to touch each other. My husband is a naughty old fucker, that is for sure! LMAO!

I joke and say he is a bad man for doing that. Then tell them to make it up to me, I need to stay and give them instructions. Both of them are surprised and also, excited. Walking across the room I start to disrobe. The boys are staring intently ready to see Grandma naked. Their little dicks are standing at attention as I shed my clothes.

I am so turned on by the scene my nipples are rock hard and tender.

I direct the boys and offer to let them touch and suck on my breasts. They jump off the bed and run over to do that. Both are so excited and almost shaking. Directing them I have them get back on the bed and get undressed. As they are doing that I hear the door creak. Standing there with a shit eating grin is my pervert husband.

As he is walking over to us, I see he has a full blown hard-on pressing against his pants. “What is going on here?” he asks us. I look at him with my reprimand face and tell him, he knows what is going on, he encouraged the boys to explore by themselves. He looks at me sheepishly and says, “Don’t be mad at me Frankie.”

Smiling at him with my erotic mature goddess smile he knows I am not mad.

Furthermore, we are two happy grandparents that get to act out our naughty fantasies with the boys all summer long. The boys ask if they are in trouble. I explain it is just the opposite. See Grandpa’s big bulge? He is so excited to play with you two, he is busting out of his pants. That is his big penis ready to play games with you two. The boys crawl across the bed and jump to hug Grandpa, happy to share in the fun with him.

Curious to know what happens next? I know I am. Experiences like this give me the upper hand on granny phone sex. Call me to get ALL the details!

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