In our family, we love each other literally. A family that plays together stays together. At this time in my life, I am being called the naughty grandma because I have sex with my grandkids. Most people say it is unhealthy and I say, “Fuck them!” We all choose to play with each other.

Introducing our family-play in a slow and loving process. Therefore, we do not force anything they don’t want to. Some of the youth throughout the generations choose to steer clear of our loving fun and that is perfectly fine. If you forcing them, they don’t enjoy it as much.

From my naughty grandma down to my generation, they wanted it to be loving and kind.

We do not start out with penetration, we wait until everyone is a bit older. Now, don’t get me wrong, rough play is exciting too. My husband is a fan of the rough play, and I still see the fun with it! I am explaining how my family has handled it. When I play with my grandson we are both consenting to the fun.

He is an amazing guy. Active in school, athlete, scholar and very successful in all his endeavors. I am so proud of him and all he is accomplishing. We started playing together when he was younger and the kids would stay with me. As time has moved on, he and I have become lovers.

I love his beautiful cock!

His cock has surpassed his grandpa and his dad’s. They both have nice dicks but Josh has the most gorgeous pole ever. Big, smooth, straight and wide bulbous head. I love sucking and playing with it. Using my lips, tongue, and hands doing tease and denial until he is ready to burst.

Knowing I am not the only one he is fucking is very hot too.  I share him with those young, sexy girls he is hanging out with, which is such a turn on. My daughter also fucks her son as much as possible. Her husband is a great guy, and they have one crazy sex life but she knows how great Josh’s cock is and wanted her turns too!

All this fucking definitely adds to my granny phone sex!

My life is a series of experiences that enhance my world. Whether I am fucking my grandson or the mature group sex I experienced, I cherish all of it. The bonus to being a naughty grandma fucking Josh is the alone time we get to have. Not only do we fuck, but we also catch up on what is happening in his life. He knows he can tell me anything and I love that about our relationship.

Josh is over to play. He is coming upstairs, as I walk out of my bathroom in his favorite nighty. Smiling from ear to ear, he grabs me and gives me a passionate kiss. We are hugging and loving on each other as we maneuver to the bed. He takes his clothes off and that beautiful cock is rock hard.

He is like a beautiful statue standing in front of me.

Climbing onto the bed, he quickly flips me over. Pinning my head down, he parts my legs and slams that cock deep into his grandma. I moan in pleasure as he plows me until we both cum. I roll over and we lay there cuddling.

He is telling me about his day, the latest girl he is fucking and any news about the family. After a while, he gets up and heads out to get home. I clean up and get settled in for a nice night at home.

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