Erotic Mature Cuckold comes in many forms. This happens to be one sexy story. My husband and the hot stud next door want to have a cuckold session and I am all in. Hal and Jax have a strange friendship. Jax is so much younger than my husband but they have a blast hanging out. I get to stare at Jax and he is super sexy. Consequently, the boys enjoy so many of the same things it is awesome.

We are new to cuckold and are bringing guys we meet at the bars home to play. So many different guys and so much fun. Hal is loving the naughty fun of watching me with them and cleaning me up after. I am loving fucking cocks of every size and shape without shame. Even so, it is surprising to me that Jax is curious about Erotic Mature Cuckold. It is awesome to add this to my GILF Cuckold Stories!

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Jax lives in the house next door. He is very nice and extremely smart. Hal spends a ton of time with him doing a zillion different things. When he and Hal were discussing our cuckold fun, Jax said he wanted to fuck me too. Truth is Hal has a bro crush on Jax so he immediately said yes. Works for me, he fucking sexy and I hear from his girlfriends, hung like a horse.

Tonight is the night for our fun. Hal has made sure we have lots of good liquor and food, as well as some new lingerie for me. He really has a serious crush on Jax. Hal is a closet bi-sexual, he just isn’t ready to admit it yet. Furthermore, he probably never will. Oh well, not my problem. Fucking this hottie tonight is my goal. Consequently, adding to my hot skills at GILF phone sex!

Jax arrives on time and we are a bit nervous at first.

I am not sure why we all seem uncomfortable. Maybe because this is the first cuckold experience with a friend. Hal is floating around like a stranger and Jax is trying to relax. My pussy is already dripping wet and we all still have clothes on! After a few drinks things settle down and we start to relax and have fun talking.

Then it is time for the Erotic Mature Cuckold to commence! Jax and I start making out, Hal sitting in his chair across from us. Damn, this youngin’ is a great kisser. He is quickly using his hands all over my body as I do the same to him. His body is ripped with muscles and I am ready to see him naked. I started tearing off his clothes as soon as possible.

Soon, Jax is standing naked with a smile and his huge dick!

Hallelujah! This is going to be one hell of a party! Above all, he takes his time seducing me. Slowly taking off my clothes and kissing each part of my body. I am surprised at his expert level of seduction. This kid must get around. My hand quickly finds his dick and goes to work stroking and pumping.

Jax is whispering sweet nothings in my ear and wooing me with his skills. I am loving this fun with him. Furthermore, I know this is only the beginning of the fun he and I will have. We have been flirting for months and Hal has opened the door for my new fuck buddy and I. After this we will be like bunnies during mating season!

I love adding a hot stud to my stable!

Hal is happily watching from his chair. Jerking off and drooling like the pervert he is. Out of nowhere he stands up and announces he wants to get in on the action tonight. Jax and I are staring at him surprised by this outburst but invite him to play. He is next to Jax, dropping to his knees he takes that huge cock and starts sucking it.

Jax, smiling at me, says damn he is good at that. Therefore, we chuckle and let Hal fluff him. Jax is working my pussy as Hal works his dick and enjoying every minute of it. Above all, I am blown away by Hal, but I just continue to enjoy the show. From there it is only getting kinkier. Do you want to know how far we all went? Call me and I will share all the raunchy details.

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