I have shared before, my ex-husband and I lived the cuckold lifestyle for many years. Truth is I am totally hooked on cuckolding and the fun I get out of it. I get to be in control, and that is very sexy to me. Knowing you love to being submissive to me and letting me take charge shows how far you are willing to go. Creating my GILF cuckold stories is always a blast!

Cuckold can be experienced in so many different ways. For instance, some men just prefer to share their wife with another man. They don’t want to be dominated, they just enjoy seeing her with a stranger’s cock buried deep inside her. Being able to watch as she is fucking this other man bringing them to their own climax.

GILF cuckold stories are never the same twice!

For me, that is what is fun about the cuckold experience. It is different each time. Some guys enjoy sharing another man with their wife. They love fucking their wife, but seeing a new man fuck her as well is so hot. These guys also love playing with the new man. Sucking his cock to clean him up or even taking his nice cock themselves!

Then there are the cuckold bitches that give up everything for the pleasure of their wife. I fucking love that too! A man that is letting me hold the key to his cock is intoxicating! Cock cages come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, some metal, and some with spikes. There are many choices to make and in my GILF cuckold stories, I have seen so many cages.

Cock cages are super sexy to me! Holding the key is the best part!

A man that is giving me control is saying he trusts me. I respect that trust and will not abuse it, too much. With these GILF cuckold stories, I am mean, and fully in charge! It rocks to get to torture a guy that let me down, time after time. Maybe he cheated on me or maybe he has the dreaded TINY COCK. Bitch please, if you are trying to please me with a small penis, I will eat you up alive.

Then I am fucking the biggest, well-hung cocks I can find in front of you. I let the pleasure me and do the same for them. When it is time for penetration, I want you right up in center stage for a perfect view of that cock stretching your wife’s pretty pussy all out. We keep eye contact the whole time. If you are being good, I may take the cage off and let you jerk off. These GILF cuckold stories help me to be the best at fetish phone sex.

Keeping you in the cage is more fun.

You need to know that I find it way more fun to have you stay in the cage during all the fun. Then you don’t get to get hard, you can’t jerk off and even find a small amount of enjoyment while I am climaxing non-stop! What fun to see you in pain and struggling to get through this. Maybe, you should contemplate all the ways you are always letting me down.

Divorce, sure that is an option but we won’t do that. I want to keep you and your paycheck right here at home baby. You owe me for the rest of your life. You and that tiny little pecker you call your dick. LMAO, I laugh out loud every time I look at it now. You definitely were giving it your all for a long time. Truth is, it has never been enough. I lied for years and I don’t have to anymore!

I love when cuckold leads into BBC Bisexual Addiction!

Bringing in a gorgeous ebony BBC to take care of both us. Then we both get to enjoy his giant cock. Maybe my husband secretly has fantasized about the big black cocks he sees in the porn he watches. I have experienced them alone, so now it is fun to share. Also teaching my husband the only way he will cum is with a BBC in his ass is super fun!

Taking away all physical connection he has to pussy gives me so many thrills. I am a wicked bitch and I love control. Know that if you are seeking this type of a relationship, I can be ruthless to you and that tiny fucking dick!

GILF cuckold stories