The sex me and him had was hot, plus I was a little buzzed which made everything 10 times better. Meeting Joseph in that elevator and bringing him back to my apartment was sexy; we had the most passionate sex. However, later that night it was the most erotic love making I was exposed to in a hot minute.

Post Kitchen Pussy Fill

After I felt that cum dripping out of my pussy onto the kitchen counter, I sat there. My brain ran in circles as Joseph just made me feel a passion I hadn’t felt in a long time. I kissed his lips softly. The romance never just ends after they cum, not when it’s this hot! We make out for a while in the kitchen, enjoying the taste of each other’s mouth before I pulled up my panties, we left the kitchen and went to go watch a movie together. I didn’t even bother grabbing my pants off the ground; it’s not like he will care, right?

I grabbed us more wine as we make our way into the living room. Before we know it we are another 3 glasses of wine in on top of what we have already drunk. I’m getting intoxicated at this point. Laughing uncontrollably at his hysterical jokes and witty sense of humor as I pour the 4th glass for us. If I’m being honest, I can’t stop thinking about him cumming inside me during out soon-to-be erotic love making. Am I a slut for wanting his cum in my mouth?

Making It Happen

With no warning, I reach my hand out and offer it to him. He grabs it, without hesitation and I guide him to my bedroom stopping by the kitchen to grab something secretly on the way. When we get into the bedroom, I kiss him gently while rubbing his once-again hard cock through his pants before pulling his pants down to his ankles. Watching him kick them to the side smoothly. I straddle him for a moment and get myself prepared for the erotic love making we were about to have. Kissing up and down his neck and torso, making my way to his throbbing cock, my mouth begging for a taste of that sweet precum. I slip his dick into my mouth and give him the sloppiest drunk blowjob I can conjure up. Drool everywhere as his fingers run through my hair, gently pushing that cock in deeper.

Behind my back, I have been hiding a bottle of chocolate syrup that I snagged from the kitchen earlier like the slutty ninja I am. I feel his fingers trace down my back towards the bottle. I have been busted. Joseph grabs the bottle, lifts me up from sucking his dick onto his lap, before flipping me over on my back. His grace is unmatched by most men as he slips my shirt and lacey bra off, leaving my big tits exposed. He swiftly squirts that chocolate all over my breast and before my intoxicated brain could register what was happening, he was sucking that sweet brown syrup off my hard nipples. My back arches and a soft moan comes out of my pursed lips.

Erotic Love Making At Its Finest

Enjoying the sensation of him flicking his tongue around my areolas, I feel a rock-hard cock slip its way inside of me. There was no hesitation due to my pussy being beyond wet. That dick fills every inch of space inside of me while he still is sucking on my breasts. I feel his hand trace up my side, slide over my left breast, and up to my throat. He grabs me sternly while looking into my eyes and I can’t help but cum all over his hard cock. A few moments later, we lock lips again, making out passionately while he moans in my mouth and then I feel it. I feel him fill my pussy once again, that warm sensation taking over my body in a state of lust.

I will never forget this, and my pussy will always yearn for more. Are you interested in some hot phone sex? Give me a call!

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