Witches & Warlock’s Continued Part 2

A little Background from Part 1 of my Erotic Literature.

My Mom started My Witches and Warlocks Slut training. She sent me to the store To get cucumbers with NO CASH! If I didn’t come back with them who knows what she would do. SO I did the only thing I could. Let’s take an erotic literature journey, shall we?

Walking to the Store

Thinking exactly how am I going to get two cucumbers home without any money? What did my Mother mean by getting out of my Nasty Cunt? I mean I have played with my pussy before but to actually put something in it was something I never tried. However, I knew not to disappoint my mother. She was a very mean Witch. I have seen her do some terrible things to people. Once getting to the store I found the cucumbers. Just as my luck had it none of them were small & none of them looked very easy to get inside my tight cunt. However, I knew I must do what my Mother had said. I tried picking out the littlest two and walked to the bathroom.

The Insertion

Luckily, I made it to the bathroom with no one seeing me. I rinse off the cucumbers and tried inserting one into my tight pussy. It was not fitting! What should I do..I looked around the room & saw soap. I thought I knew I’ll put soap on it and try. To my surprise, it was sliding in. It hurt but I was making it fit! My Cunt never had felt so stretched in my life! OMG! This hurt but It was feeling good at the same time. I had to put the toilet seat down to made it fit the whole way inside of me. Now just to get the other in. I tried fitting it in my cunt but there was no way I could stretch myself that much. So now what was I going to do? I thought about it and I had seen my Mom take anal so I knew that was the only way I was going to do it.

Soaping up the other cucumber

I knew this was going to be the most painful thing I had ever felt, I’ve never been taught how to have sex before. But knew I had to do it. Sliding the cucumber against the toilet seat and my tight little ass I begin to sit down. I was about to have Forced Sex with this Cucumber. The Cucumber was not going in & I knew I was going to have to push it in with all my weight. So I grab the rails and lifted my feet. Also the sudden the cucumber took my ass. It hurt! I had a very sharp pain instantly within me. I slid off the toilet in so much pain! Lying there in a ball I knew I had to stop crying and get home. After all, Mother was waiting for me.

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