erotic literature

erotic literature true story… He called, the one I dream of every night from dusk till dawn. I have daydreams of this moment, filled with the sweetness of all possibilities of being submerged in us again.  He asked to see me… Memories come flooding back, breaking open my soul again.  “Yes…” I answered, sealing my fate. I believed in miracles again. Then I left my date standing there at the restaurant and rushed to my apartment. I went in and waited for him. He had called and nothing else mattered. He is the one that took down all my walls, gave me gifts of passion, desire, and acceptance, the one I trust will do no harm.

As he walked in, against my will, my body came alive again at the sight of him. To most, the 70’s “Hawaiian” style shirt and long baggy shorts would look comfortable. To me, they enticed, hiding his body in a tease that would never satisfy me. He looks like a present waiting to be unwrapped. My breath quickened. My hunger for him rose as I look into his face I see the same hunger in his eyes. Being near each other triggers our ravenous sexual appetite.

He pulled me against him “I cannot stay away from you” he murmured against my throat. Such a simple statement yet it calms my inner chaos. His aroma is so divine. He hugs me tight as his hands roam my curves in my grooves as if he is mining treasure from within.

erotic literature

My hands slid under his shirt wondered across his back finding every defined muscle with my fingertips. His hands glide across my body leaving a fire in their wake. His fingers dance and skim across my skin tracing a path around my soul and heart.  He growled “Only with you am I really free, I need you” Forever binding me as his, in new chains once more.

I do not want to escape I want to be his, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually just everything. I want to finally belong and be owned by him again. Even now I still wear his collar proudly on my finger. I am his for the taking. Tomorrow be damned tonight we will feed our hearts and souls with the music of our bodies.

My lips trembled engulfed within my senses. Our heads dip in unison our lips brush with the tenderest of touches. Our tongues play together in their dance of love. Tenderness does not last as our craving possesses us in a blaze of fierce aggression. His mouth moved passionately over mine, urging my lips apart. It was a kiss to level mountains and shake stars from the sky. It was a kiss to make demons weep and angels to faint.

erotic literature

It is passionate, demanding, soul-scorching kiss that knocked the world away. His fingers tightened at the base of my hairline, his eyes narrowing in lust as he pulls me tighter. “Please…” I whispered, almost whimpered, I couldn’t take anymore. I wanted him to finally take me, claim me as his. I’d waited to be owned by him, claimed by him, my body quivering in anticipation. He cupped my face brushing his lips on mine, tempting me to indulge desires. My hand brushed the hard length of his manhood as his proud girth strains stretching his pants.

I cannot bear his clothing in my way any longer. “Please” I whisper tugging at his shirt. He steps back understanding what I cannot think to ask. I watch as he strips.

He is so comfortable, uncaring of his nudity. There is something untamed and magnificent about his raw beauty, the casual way he accepts it. Chills rushed through my sensitive nipples, lingering along my rounded bottom to delve in to my crease. The evidence of his desires pushed into my stomach as he stepped close. Unbalanced my body melted into his. My soft breasts pushing into his muscular chest as he wrapped his arms around me. The strong pillars of his thighs welded with me.

erotic literature

I stumbled as we stepped back. I have no idea how it had gotten untied.  Yet my dress was pooled around my feet. He knelt helping me untangle my feet, taking my shoes off. I placed my hand on his head to steady myself. He ran his hands up my thighs. He gazes at me like he sees through my soul. Carefully he touches, breathing his warm breath upon me as he rises… steaming up every bit of me before drips of my condensation take over and I need more… He leans in his lips graze…

“Who do you belong to Kitten.” He murmured softly, his voice stern but loving. “You only you…” I gasped softly, as he held me still. “I am yours.”

Against the lips of my petals, He growled as I felt his mouth begin to love on me. “You are such a good Kitten… I need to taste you… I forgot how good you taste” He wasted no time beginning his feast. Rubbing his tongue on my flower back and forth I begged him “Please…” before he flicked my button forcing me to sing my climax song. My legs start to shake, as my nectar runs like a river feeding him.

I pull his hair yanking and pulling trying to escape. I scream his name in vain. He does not understand HOW basic he is to me. My body yearns for his masculinity, wanting my hands on his body. The power of his masculinity to be surrounded by my existence is what I crave bringing us to the edge, making me scream with ecstasy. I yearn to drown in his presence and our essence.

erotic literature

He finally looks up into my hungry eyes. That look that lets him know the essential passion I keep hidden in my soul is too much to bear. I am in need, to be taken by him alone. “Come here Kitten and let me take you, let me give you what you need”

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