What is Erotic Humiliation Play? It is some form of humiliation within the context of BDSM or a power exchange relationship. It is considered a form of edge play because, if you’re not careful, very real mental and emotional harm can be done to you or a partner. For us, it is the power exchange relationship. You are my submissive and I am your sensual domination goddess. It is imperative to have a consensual and understanding partner.

One person’s humiliation is another person’s minor annoyance. And something that doesn’t bother one kinkster might crush another. Like all kinks and fetishes, it also exists on a spectrum. You can like one single thing and reject the rest. That is why we must have open communication. We are discussing triggers, past experiences, and even mental illness if we need to.

With Erotic Humiliation Play, if you say stop, I stop.

You must be able to tell me if it is too much. We are doing this for enjoyment and pleasure. If during our play, we cross a boundary that is too painful, you are to tell me immediately. When I am asking you, “Are you okay?” you need to be honest. I will respect you no less if you need me to stop.

There are multiple types of play. Verbal, physical, degradation and sexual. Verbal involves calling you names, mocking you, scolding and belittling language. Physical is wearing specific clothing and bringing out your inner sissy. Physically dominating you by kicking your ass in a wrestling match and smothering your face with my pussy. Doing things in public such as shaming, embarrassing you, or even treating you like an animal for a crowd. Degradation is making you my human toilet or making you clean something disgusting with your mouth. Lastly, sexual involves cuckold, forced bisexual activity or even penetration with my toys.

This list is not complete as the fetish is huge.

Today, I am just educating you on the basics and what is necessary for us to start this type of play. With my fetish phone sex, we can do so much using erotic humiliation play to get you off. And me too of course. Your mistress is getting hers too during the naughty fun! I love cumming and want to share the fun.



So, tell me Sub, which is it you are craving tonight? Do you want the full-on verbal humiliation or do you prefer I turn you into my Male Toilet Slave? I would love a verbal abuse session with you loser. One thing we need to establish is your limits and then we can begin the fun. Be honest with your goddess, what are your limits? If you say none, then we must have a stop word.

Even though I am going to be awful to you, I need us to be safe.

Now that I have your stop word, are there any physical limits? For instance, are you okay with forced bi or me fucking you with a strap-on? Of course, we can go slowly and at a gradient if this is all new to you. For all I know you are ready to dive in and have no limits, that is fucking great if so. I love pegging and your tight ass will be quite a treat. I am all about using all the different ways to have the best erotic humiliation play with my guys.

Whether you are into the verbal only or want all of the above, we are going to have an incredible time together. Just know that I am a sensual domination goddess and that means I am not going to give you a hardcore BDSM experience. That is not my style but there are wonderful ladies available that do all the harsh style of play.

We still have so much fun we can accomplish together!

For my play, we are getting pretty intense but without the full physical abuse, they provide. Verbal, degradation and sexually forcing you to do things are all good with me. Especially verbal and degradation. Using my skills, tools, and sexy body, I will have you begging for mercy and cumming at the same time. So if you are ready to play, call me now for an amazing experience.