So you think that you want to be a male toilet slave, loser? I am sure you would do just about anything to receive my delicious golden nectar from my perfect pussy. Of course, you will only get to suck this stream if you are a good boy. However, I know that you would do anything to be a good boy. Perhaps we shall get you all dressed up in ruffles and pink and go on a trip together. Maybe a park, although better yet I like a mall. There is nothing that makes me happier than you be willing to embarrass yourself for me. After all, that should definitely be nice and embarrassing for you. As you are well aware, my submissive male humiliation games are quite the challenge. However, I think that you are ready for it!


Let’s start with what this male toilet slave will be wearing. After all, I want it to be perfect and make you feel very, very exposed. Firstly, let’s make sure that we confine that package of yours inside of a pretty pink plastic chastity device. There will be no reason for you to need to touch it. However, you know you do not need to touch your little stick in order for it to make cummies inside of your panties. Yes, panties. There is no reason after all that we should be putting you in anything manly, including your underwear. So on top of your confined worm, we will place you in a pair of tight-fitting pink cotton panties. They should hold your worthless balls nice and tight to your chastity device and slightly right in between your worthless cheeks. 


Male Toilet Slave Becomes Sissy

Next, we must definitely make sure that you are clothed in a pretty pink frilly dress with ruffles. The kind that a sissified male toilet slave would wear to be perfectly outted in public. Very feminine with lots of layers and lace. I will be sure that you have on a petticoat to make it seem as though you are a proper slut. Complete with a sign on your back that says “Toilet Slave Loser” for all of the people at the mall to read and laugh at. However, that is just not enough. Oh, no! We need tight fitted stockings and kitten heels so that your awkward catwalk makes a loud noise as you prance through the mall. After all, I do not want a single person to miss the sight of my toilet slave if they are going to receive their reward. 


Male Toilet Slave


Although, I am sure you think that would be embarrassing enough. But, for a male toilet slave, it is not. We can’t forget the icing on the sissified cake to turn a piggy into a pretty wannabe princess that would make everything complete. Therefore, we cannot forget your accessories. Ruffle cufflettes on your wrist adorned with jingle bells will help you make fairy faggot noises as you prance down the mall stairs ahead of me. Likewise, eyeshadow, false eyelashes, and bright pink lipstick will be smeared all over your piggy male toilet slave face. That way there is no question among the passers-by just how big of a little bitch slut you are. Surely, it is going to feel amazing being out in public dressed just like this. 

They All Are Laughing At You, Toilet Slave!

Finally, we make our way to the mall. It does not take the passers-by very long to notice how silly you look. You can see groups of teen girls and walking moms gathering together to snicker and laugh. Children point their finger towards you laughing and calling out to their parents “That man looks like a girl!” Their parents do not even attempt to silence them as they stare in their own shock. There is no way for you to sneak around the snickers that are now growing louder to full belly laughs are more people join in the mocking either. Not that you would even want it to stop. Actually, your cock is quite hard in that cage and knowing so makes you blush with excitement knowing they all are staring at you. 


However, our day at the mall is not over even as we get to take our exit. Truly there is nothing you want more than to earn your male toilet slave reward. First, I have a sign that I have made that begs for drunk men to urinate on your worthless body as we stand outside of the mall’s pub. They do so, kicking you in the shin and pointing and laughing at you. Almost time for you to have your rewarding finale though. This would include me smearing that pig make-up while I hold onto the front of your hairline and release my warm stream. Congrats you have finally earned your golden nectar reward after being a good boy and walking around the mall dressed up.

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