This erotic fantasy was written by a guest writer; lovely lady who knows all about control…

Tying your wrists to your ankles, I am intoxicated by the softness of your skin and the smallness of your hands and the perfection of the pedicure that you pampered yourself with the day before.  As the silk ropes cinch tighter, my anticipation rises, as it always does with you. The music is low, the lights sending a sexy glow up the walls of the hotel room as I feel you relax, trusting me completely. You let yourself into this erotic fantasy we have wanted to play out for so long, just as you slip into the warm bath every night before bed. Your nipples are already hard, and I catch the scent of your wetness on the air. I pull the silk tighter, wanting you more than ever.

With your wrists and ankles fully secure, you are the sexiest package I have ever experienced, with long legs, pouting lips, and a sweet, wet pussy ready for… whatever comes next. Whatever I can imagine.
You had lured me back here under the pretense of afternoon tiredness, and a need for a nap, but your true intentions had been very clear very soon. Disappearing to “wash up” you had re-emerged, undressed with the exception of the most enticing, “come-fuck-me” smile I had ever seen. My cock leapt to attention in my jeans, and I kissed you deep and hard to reassure you that your message was received.
Reaching into my suitcase, I brought out the toys for the afternoon. Subtle, soft, and grey, they caught your attention immediately. Your eyes flashed: surprise, uncertainty, and most powerfully, arousal. Your lips parted in a soft moan, as I ordered you to the bed, and into position.
“Come here.” 
Voice more a command than an invitation, you’ve lost gentleness in your voice the moment I had walked into the bedroom wearing nothing but a smile.  I’m excited, my heart is racing, and I cannot help but notice the massive bulge growing in your tight jeans. The same jeans I have been wanting to pull off you all day. Slowly. Teasing you as I do. 
This is happening. Finally.  My most erotic fantasy. I am going to give all control over to you. Give you everything. Let you lead in all ways, to take me to places in the darkest, most secret corners of your desire for me.

You reach for the sashes, and I feel you excitement, and can your arousal.  You are as excited about this as I am.  First is the blindfold, and I feel my body quiver with excitement.  You wrap it around my head, and I feel the secure knot.  I can’t see anything.  You have all of the control now.  Your fingers trace down my body, a finger traces the outline of my breast, and you pinch my nipple as you go down – my pussy gets wetter – and I try not to make a sound.


“Hands out.”
I stretch my arms out hesitantly – and you take a wrist.
You reach for my ankle. I flinch. I can’t see what is happening; I have no idea, really. What was I expecting? What was I wanting? Desiring more deeply than I know. The fear rises, but I feel myself opening to you, my wetness growing, my scent strong I feel your uncertainty with the first wrap, but confidence grows as you tighten the knot and test the limits.  They are tight, and the slight pain… is intoxicating, arousing.  You reach for the other wrist – and you make it happen more easily now. I’m ready… I can let you take control.  You wrap my ankles – tighter – test the limits. I am completely yours for you to do with as you please. 
I roll you over so your sweet ass was skyward. Your wrists secured to your ankles, you have little choice anymore. You are mine to play with as my desire leads me, totally powerless to do anything except what demand of you.
My cock is hard and full as I move toward you…
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