Erotic Fantasy Games Are Great For Coitus Action

Erotic fantasy games are a great way to put lube up those tight bodies before participating in a bit of coitus action.  Yeah, I could have simply said foreplay but #dtm (doing too much) is what I’m on at the moment.

At times, drinking a bit of alcohol isn’t enough.  Let’s get connected and play a game.  Keeping it light and airy without all of the stress will give your partner a bit of intimacy and for the other that wishes to maintain boundaries or aesthetic distance parameters can be set to make all parties comfy.

Strip Poker, Sexpoly, Kinky Bingo… pick a game.

Like Chucky said: “Wanna Play?” I’m that weirdo that loved to play Spin the Bottle at parties.  Catch me in VR rooms creating my own Avatar that looks like my favorite stripper.  Watch compilation videos with me or guess which cam girl has the biggest clit.  Games don’t have to be complicated.  All we need is you and me.

We do need to play more.  The more we play, the better we get to know one another.  The better I know you, the more intriguing the game gets.  Make the challenge a real challenge and go under a bit of forced intoxication play or add a bit of technology.  Participate in a bit of roleplaying, story and exploration, or combat and conquest.

What is Your Favorite Erotic Fantasy Game?

Pick a card, and carry out the task as you would in the game of Bliss on Google Play.  Roleplaying is definitely my favorite erotic fantasy game.  There are so many plots to explore.  There are various scenarios destined to end with your cock in my throat as you spray me like Terminix or a farmer during planting season.  Spray me with cum, whip cream, piss, or another substance with tons of texture that will insinuate the urge to make me scream, shout, and moan.

Good roleplays are as good as their characterization and plot.  Novelty stores have entire collections of these and so does your App Store.  Engage in voyeuristic behaviors.  Build your audience.  Lure them into an unknown adventure they assumed was an escape room like Breakout.  Only for them to find that this is not a game.  This is an erotic fantasy game that turned into a live recording of romance and sexual exploitation.


I’m naked.  You’re naked.  We’re all naked.  Doesn’t it feel grande? That’s the best part of the game, letting it all hang out.  Indulging in the erotic fantasy game to the point that your breath changes, your heart rate is up, and your nether regions dripping with the fluid of the gods.

Drink from my cup if you dare.  I’ll make you chase it if that is on the card I drew.  Now pick your card, and it says rape.

Honey, you cannot rape willing.  I’ll put up a good fight of Cat and Mouse. Make me scream, whimper, claw you and beg for you to stop in our next telephonic relief session.  Cum play with me on the best phonesex hotline there is.  I promise I don’t have porn’s problematic issue.   For the month of November, pick some erotic fantasy games and earn a favor with me.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke