Erotic family blackmail

Blackmail with me is an experience you could never forget. I am girl that isn’t use to hearing no. And when someone tries to tell me no I use trickery and manipulation to get what I want.  Like my brother in law for example, he learned the the hard way that I do not take no for an answer. It’s because of my brother in law that I even have this erotic family blackmail story to tell you. It started long ago in my teen years. I always had the biggest crush on him. With a little manipulation he would be all mine. He and my older sister were having marital problems that lead to his drinking. All I had to do is wait for him to get drunk one night. After a fight with my sister he lost himself in the bottom of the bottle.

And soon after that he lost himself inside me. I could hear him pacing the halls and mumbling to himself. Then he stormed back into the guest room where he and my sister were staying. Because she had left angrily I was unsure how long I had. All I knew is I had start the manipulation right away. I walked into the room and asked  “Got one of those for me” then pointing at the bottle. He pulled out another glass and poured me a drink. This was all part of my master manipulation plan. After talking to me he his mood changed. We joked a little about the boys my age and how they must swarm me. I teased back at him the boys my age couldn’t handle me. Next thing I know we are flirting.

Trickery gets a girl a long way

“What is your type?” He asked me real flirty like. “Older.” I responded with a grin. My fingertips circling the rim of the glass and biting my bottom lip. This was all part of the manipulation. I slide my foot up his inner leg under the table. He could clearly see where I was going. At first he played along but then tried to deny me. And like I said I don’t take no for answer. I still had a few tricks up my sleeve and those tricks worked. Straddling him and grinding crotch against crotch. There was lots of kissing and groping. My manipulation had paid off. We tore off each other clothes and then he threw me on my back. Yes! He fucked me. And he was really fucking good with that big thick cock too.

Because he was my sisters husband I knew he could never be mine. But this only made me want him more. That’s why this turned into an erotic family blackmail. The night we fucked I made sure he came inside me. And because he came inside me I found myself knocked up. I was able to use my manipulation to keep this affair going. Do you really think he wanted my sister or family to find out what we had done? Fuck no! He was willing to whatever I wanted to keep this secret. I was able to get him to pay me and I was able to get him to fuck me whenever I wanted. My poor pathetic sister has no idea about our affair.

I can keep secrets for the right price

You can say I am a twisted bitch and I would totally agree. But if you’re still reading this it’s because you are just as twisted. Now let’s put our dirty little minds together and do something real fucking naughty, Do you want to dabble in a little erotic family blackmail? Because I am so twisted I can help you. Blackmail phone sex is the best. But you don’t have to listen to me just give me a try.  While you work on the courage to talk to daddy’s sugar baby read my other stories.