Daddy’s sugar baby

I’m daddy’s sugar baby which means I get whatever I want. Maybe I always get what I want because I caught daddy cheating. Oh yes! Daddy’s a little cheating whore! I seen the whole thing happen. There she was sitting on daddy’s desk with his cock inside her. Being the good daddy’s girl that I am, he expected I would never tell. Well daddy everything comes at a price. And even though I am a daddy’s girl I expect to be paid. Daddy pulls out his wallet and hands me his credit card. I snatch it out of his hands “Thank you daddy but is that all?” It’s not just money I want. He frantically searches for something to please me. Little does daddy know I have big plans for him. “What else do you want princess?”

I push him back into his chair then I drop to my knees. “What do you think will make daddy’s girl happy?” He stutters and stammers trying to think fast. Then he offers me a new car. “That would be nice daddy but what else would make daddy’s girl happy?” He goes silent and shrugs his shoulders. “Think harder daddy” I say dragging my fingernails across his thigh. He caught on and quickly tried to refuse me. I say tried because everyone knows I don’t take no for an answer. “But I am your sweet little daddy’s girl.” Then I slide my hand under my skirt and a finger inside my wet little pussy. I take my finger and force it into daddy’s mouth. “Yummy daddy?” He tries fighting me but I am so tasty. I sit on his desk and demand daddy lick me.

Father daughter dirty blackmail

Daddy drops to his knees once I remind him of the secret we share.  Once he figured out I was blackmailing him he had no choice. He was forced to lick daddy’s girl pussy. But was he really forced? All I really did was push him into doing something he already wanted to do. As his tongue touched my pussy I tingled. I’m unsure if it was from daddy licking me or the control I had over him. Then again both reasons could be the answer. Daddy getting blackmailed by his sweet precious daddy’s girl is a turn on.  With my hand on the back of his head, I grind my cunt into his face. He stood up and I bent over the desk. I wiggled my ass at him “Come on daddy you know you want it.”

He approached me from behind and went to put his cock inside me. “No no daddy!”  I never said he could put it inside me. Instead of letting him him fuck me I let him rub his cock on me. Daddy’s cock rubbed against my ass. His head rubbed against my ass cheeks. Then I let him spank my asshole with his cock head. You see it as mean but like I said there is a price to pay for everything. I do nothing for free. The more he rubbed his big thick cock on me the more he begged to put it inside me. I just giggled and told him no. But I did make daddy an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was so desperate to fuck something he would of taken anything. I let daddy fuck my thighs!

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