My Incest taboo fantasy

Even though daddy said no I knew I could change his mind. I’m daddy’s girl there is no way he could refuse. My incest taboo fantasy is all about me using my body to get what I want. There is a brand new car at the dealers and I want it. See, I am a daddy’s girl and I get what I want. Usually I just snap my fingers and I get it but not this time. At first daddy thought he could tell me no. But if snapping my fingers don’t work then I will just use other methods. I waited until bedtime to sneak into daddy’s room. He was in the shower and I was in his bed under the covers. Daddy was really surprised to find me in his bed. His towel still wrapped around his waist he sat next to me.

Daddy and I had a heart to heart about this new car. Then he called me a spoiled daddy’s girl before telling me no, again. But I rubbed my hand up and down his thigh. I gave him that sweet but seductive look. “But I am good daddy’s girl” , I pleaded. He took my hand in his and sweetly told me no. Do you really think I accepted that answer? No, Of course I didn’t! I put my hand back on his thigh higher up than before. “Oh daddy, surely we can work something out.” Then I lean towards his ear and lick it. He stutters on his words. Daddy is speechless. This daddy’s girl knows how to get what she wants. “You do something for me and maybe I will do a little something for you.” I might be a spoiled daddy’s girl but I understand negotiation.

Don’t Deny me Daddy

Then I pulled daddy back onto the bed and straddled him. It was just a bunch of teasing and dry humping. I couldn’t believe how hard daddy got over dry humping. “I promise to always be daddy’s girl if you do this one thing for me.” Sweet talking wasn’t working as well as I had hoped. Still I could tell he was undecided. I was going to have to step up my game. Then I took off my shirt and taunted daddy with my tits. “Forever and always daddy’s girl” I say. Finally I felt daddy latch on my tits. He started sucking my nipples. I could feel his hands shaking as I placed them on my ass. Daddy was so nervous. But what happens next only makes it worse. I slide my hand up his towel and grab his cock. I’m stroking him up and down.

Make no mistake, daddy was totally hard for me. This daddy’s girl had daddy on edge. I felt him throbbing as I stroked. Little drops of precum dripped onto my hand. Now I am getting somewhere. “So about that car daddy” I say as I am touching him. He stammered on his words and this time no clear answer. I wasn’t satisfied with no answer but it was a start. This daddy’s girl isn’t giving up just yet. I slide down between his legs and open the towel. Is this similar to your incest taboo fantasy? I lick the tip of his cock. Daddy shivers. I circle my tongue around and around his cock head.

I am a VERY bad girl

Then I wrap my lips around daddy’s cock. “Come on daddy say yes.” Daddy moans and grips onto the sheets. “Say the word and this daddy’s girl will do anything.” Finally daddy shout YES! And then cums all over my face. I would of let him fuck me but hey no complaints here. Daddy was yummy. Want more naughty daddy daughter? Then give me a ring! I love ageplay phone sex.