Erotic dreams are not something I have every night. They are a treat.

Erotic dreams often wake me up out of a deep sleep with intense orgasms. That’s why I look forward to having them so much! Throw in the fact that I often have lucid dreams and am able to be an active participant in my dreams. It’s a recipe for sticky thighs and aching pussy.

Last night I had several very intense erotic dreams. They came one after another. Though I usually have at least on an erotic dream a week, it is very rare that I have them back to back in one night. I can remember each dream vividly and still get turned out when I think of them. I’ll tell you about one of them. I promise it was so hot.

The first dream was the raunchiest of them all. It started out just like any other dream: weird imagery, things that don’t really make too much sense. That sort of thing. It didn’t take long for the dream to take shape into something very hot and very sexy. I was in a room all by myself and there are four round holes on each wall. Out of the holes slides four, fully erect cocks.

Suddenly I hear a loud, low voice tell me that if I wanted to get to the next room I would have to suck each of the four cocks and make them cum. The voice told me I only had twenty minutes to make all four cocks pop their cocks. I got to work straight away. The best part about lucid dreaming is that you are aware of your actions. So I totally knew what I was doing when I kneeled in front of that first cock and opened my mouth wide.

I began to suck his dick like it was my job.

It didn’t take me long to get that cock to blow his load deep down my throat. I swallowed every bit and then licked his cock clean for good measure. I made my way to the next hard cock filling the hole in the wall out perfectly. Long and thick, the sight of it alone had my mouth watering. Wasting no more time I began to suck him off greedily.

I continued sucked and swallowing until all four cock were drained. My mouth was still hungry for dick though, and I instantly began to fantasize about what was in the next room.

The next scene in my dream cut to me being fucked, hard and deep by the sexiest black guy. He had long dreads and gorgeous good looks. A strong, powerful body and a monstrously long, thick cock. He fucked me like a beast. Relentlessly driving me to a shattering orgasm.

Just think, that was just ONE of many erotic dreams I had last night! My pussy is still throbbing with pleasure.

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