Erotic cuckold boyfriend – Not your typical relationship rules!

erotic cuckold boyfriend

This week we are taking a break from our handsome helpless hottie and talking about something a little different.  And much more important. I’ve been thinking about this because you guys are always asking me, “Stevie – how can I be your perfect boyfriend? Or “Stevie, what would I need to do to make you happy if I were your husband?”  I’ve thought about this, my sexy perverts. And here are some rules that I came up with.  

Rule 1: 

The erotic cuckold boyfriend must find his inner bisexual

But, you may be in the unfortunate situation of not being interested in sex with men at all.  In that case, you should learn to accept that you will perform bisexual acts to please me. I am sick of dating guys who will not even entertain the thought of sucking cock.  No matter how much I want it, these guys never suck cock for me.  As a result, being bisexual or being ok with being forced into it by a pretty girl is a requirement!  I’m not afraid to admit that I only want an erotic cuckold boyfriend.

If you’ve never been around another guy’s dick, that’s okay!  You can start now by becoming accustomed to the taste of cum.  I bet it won’t take much time at all to start liking it. I suggest that you start off gradually. First, taste your pre-cum.  Not bad, huh? Once you’re used to that, work up to tasting your own cum. You can do it – I know you can if you really want to be a perfect erotic cuckold boyfriend!  

Rule 2: 

The erotic cuckold boyfriend must always support his hot wife, cuckolder, cheater or whatever you want to call her. 

Let your wife fuck anyone she pleases.  Actually, don’t let her – you must learn to embrace it, encourage it and get excited by it.   Don’t be surprised if she comes home with a little gift for you. A nice warm cuckold cream pie!  Not sure what a cuckold cream pie is? It’s when she brings her cum filled pussy home to her erotic cuckold boyfriend so you can clean her up.  With your tongue. It’s the least you can do for her! 

If you’re really lucky, she’ll bring a “friend” over to fuck in your own home!  You must never see this as a threat to your manhood. In fact, consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to witness your goddess please another man.  And to see another man please her. 

Do not be surprised or intimidated if this gentleman is bigger, stronger, more dominant or well endowed than you are. This is not a problem at all. Just keep reminding yourself that later that night it will just be you and your beautiful wife in bed.  She can tell you all about how many times she came and how completely satisfied she feels while you carefully lick every drop of your guest’s cum from her well-used pussy.  

Rule 3: 

The erotic cuckold boyfriend must suck cock for his lady.  

This is where you will use the lessons you learned in rule number one.  One day, the man who she brings home to fuck in front of you will inevitably want you to assist them.  The easiest thing you might be asked to do is to get him hard and ready to fuck your lovely lady.

You can start by stroking his huge cock with your hand. This might feel awkward at first, but I know that you’ve been curious about how a big cock like that would feel.  And besides, you know what to do. You have a (much smaller) cock of your own!

Eventually, though, your girlfriend’s fuck buddy will want to feel your mouth on that big cock.  You may find that you are much more eager to do this than you thought you would be. In that case, just jump right in and do what comes naturally to you. 

Since you will be a beginner cock sucker, he will tell you what he likes. If it turns out that you are less than eager, just remind yourself that to be a good erotic cuckold boyfriend you sometimes have to do things that you don’t want to do.  You will learn to get a lot of pleasure from doing this. I promise!

erotic cuckold boyfriend

Next up!

You’re probably wondering… Only three rules, Stevie?  Of course not!  Do you know me at all? More rules to come next time, my sexy perverts.  

And if you want to talk about shoe fetish phone sex, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…