Erotic cuckold boyfriend – Even more not so typical relationship rules for you!

Again, this week, we are taking a break from our handsome helpless hottie and talking about something a little different. And much more important. I’ve been thinking about this because you guys are always asking me, “Stevie – how can I be your perfect boyfriend?

Or “Stevie, what would I need to do to make you happy if I were your husband?” I’ve thought about this, my sexy perverts. And here are some rules that I came up with.

erotic cuckold boyfriend

Rule 4:
Every erotic cuckold boyfriend should want to be fucked regularly.

Yes, I’m talking about pegging. Do you think that only ladies should be fucked in the ass? Think again! Every erotic cuckold boyfriend can and should learn to enjoy being penetrated by their lady. Both of you can enjoy it. Many women like the dominance, control, and power of being the pegger. Similarly, you have a prostate gland, which will make it feel great for you too.

Just remember to start small and work your way up to that large dildo that your lady wants to pound her erotic cuckold boyfriend with. Patience is key to ensuring a good experience for both of you.  I recommend starting with a small butt plug to get used to the feeling of that particular hole being penetrated.  As a result, you will have a much better experience.

Your responsibility as her erotic cuckold boyfriend

As the pegee, you should try to relax and enjoy the sensation. It is a good idea even to wear a butt plug during the day as you go about your normal activities. Especially if your lady wants to peg you that night. It is your responsibility as her erotic cuckold boyfriend to prepare yourself for penetration whenever she wants.

You will get bonus points if you buy all of the necessary equipment yourself and present it to your lady as a gift. I recommend that you make this purchase in person. Choose a local, woman-owned adult toy store. When you walk in, tell her that you want to buy a strap on and a dildo for your lady to use on you. She will get you everything you need.

And one final tip for you.  When you are finally ready for the pegging to begin, it will be a huge turn-on for you to jack off the dildo.  And even more so to give it a blow job.  After that, when it’s finally time for penetration, just relax, breathe, and be thankful that your lady is willing to fuck you.

Rule 5
Every erotic cuckold boyfriend should regularly be fucked by a real cock for their lady.

I’m sure you saw this one coming. After you’ve learned to love the feeling of your lady penetrating you, this is the next step. It might seem like a big step, but it’s really quite a natural one. And remember – if your girlfriend is happy, you will be happy. And this will make her really, really happy.

If she wants to see you get fucked in the ass by a handsome gentleman with a huge cock, she would normally have to train you to take a cock in your ass. But, lucky you! You’re more than halfway there!  You’ve already learned to love cock. And you’ve learned that being pounded in the ass is a very good thing. So, this next step won’t be difficult. I promise!

Remember how good it feels to please your lady

And don’t make the mistake of stressing out about labels for what you are about to do. Remember that you are doing this primarily to please your lady. You’re going to enjoy it, of course, but also remember why you are doing it in the first place. I just know that you’re going to love your life as a bottom, but it might not be amazing the first time. Eventually, it will be, though. You just have to keep trying!

You will always remember the first time you were fucked by a big hard cock.  And even more so, you will remember how good it felt to do it to please your lady.  And one final thing about this rule. This is very important!  Above all, you must never present your lady with an anal cream pie after being fucked. Never. I assure you, she will not want this. Trust me.

Next up!

I’m sure you’re wondering… Is that all of the rules, Stevie? Definitely not!  Even more, rules to come, my sexy perverts.

erotic cuckold boyfriend

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