Erotic cuckold boyfriend – Believe it or not – I have even more not so typical relationship rules for you!

One day we’ll check in on our handsome helpless hottie again.  This week, we continue to talk about something a bit more important. As you know, I started this because you guys are always asking me, “Stevie – how can I be your perfect boyfriend? Or “Stevie, what would I need to do to make you happy if I were your husband?” I’ve thought about this, my sexy perverts. And here are even more rules that I came up with.

Rule 6: 
An erotic cuckold boyfriend should allow their girlfriends to control their orgasms

If you really want to keep your lady happy, you should let her control your orgasms and maybe even your masturbation.  Does the thought of this make you feel just a little panicked? That’s okay. You’ll get used to it, and you may even learn to like it!  Eventually, you could even start to crave the feeling of someone else controlling your pleasure. You could also feel incomplete without it.  

A chastity device might be necessary for the beginning.  It will be very difficult to keep your hands off of the source of gratification that you want so much.  So let her lock you up and keep the key. And your lady may also enjoy tease and denial sessions with you.  You will love being unlocked for a while and the hope of an orgasm. But, more often than not, you will be denied.   This may seem harsh, but it will make her very happy. Just remember how good it feels to please her instead of yourself. 

This tease and denial could take many forms

She may allow you to slowly edge yourself while she watches.  Or she could give you a handjob that brings you to the edge over and over until you beg her to stop.  More advanced methods could involve her edging you by riding your cock, giving you a blow job, or even pegging you.  Your lady could prefer for you to cum fairly frequently or very rarely. Whatever brings her the most pleasure. But, regardless of the way she teases you, she will always be in control and will decide if and when you get to cum.  

(A side note:  Please forgive me for going on and on about tease and denial, my lovely readers.  You may have noticed that this is a big turn-on for your girl Stevie)

Rule 7: 
An erotic cuckold boyfriend should make personal grooming a priority

Men:  Listen carefully!  No one wants to try to find your man parts concealed within a bird’s nest of pubic hair.  I’ve talked about this before – and it’s very important. You guys have shared with me examples of both the best and the worst in manscaping.  (Shoutout to my favorite auburn-haired guy who keeps his red pubes in perfect order at all times)

You don’t even have to go completely bare.  Neatly and closely trimmed is fine with me. Although if you are coping with having a small penis, a more comprehensive shaving routine might be helpful.  

 It is also easier to slide on a cock ring, tie your balls up or wrestle your cock into a chastity cage.  That long pubic hair can really get in the way of all of that. And it can be painful as well if it gets pulled out by these devices.  Worst of all, just think how disappointed your lady would be if your lack of grooming got in the way of your fun.

Rule 8:
An erotic cuckold boyfriend should never expect or demand sex

If it’s not already pretty clear, your lady should be in charge of your sex life.  For once, she will be thinking of herself and deciding when she wants to initiate things.  She will decide when you will be having sex, how you will be having sex, how long you will be having sex, and of course how often.   This may sound unfair, but don’t be concerned. You won’t feel that way for long. This may turn you on even more than you can imagine.  And it’s probably time for less expectation and more gratitude in your sex life.

Next up!

I’m sure you’re still wondering… Is that all of the rules, Stevie? Definitely not!  Even more, rules to come, my sexy perverts.

erotic cuckold boyfriend

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