Erotic cuckold boyfriend – Believe it or not – I have the final not so typical relationship rules for you!

One day we’ll check in on our handsome helpless hottie again.  This week, we continue to talk about something a bit more important. 

erotic cuckold boyfriend

Congratulations, my sexy perverts… you’re almost there! You’ve been through a lot of lessons in Ms. Stevie’s erotic cuckold boyfriend training academy. And there are only a few more. Now, you are unlike other boring men who have unhappy women to come home every day. Men who worry that their wives may cheat on them with another man. You, now, are someone who actually encourages and enjoys your wives and girlfriends having sex with other men.

Rule 9:
The erotic cuckold boyfriend should share his beautiful wife

Share her with your friends. She wants to fuck other guys and she wants you to show her off. Trust me. She does. But don’t worry, you will of course get to watch and/or participate. You will be so proud of your sexy wife when she dresses up in her sexiest lingerie and stands in front of one or more of your friends. Maybe your friends will be jealous of you. That is a good feeling!

It goes without saying that you should be sure to befriend many handsome, fit men with very large cocks. Preferably bigger than yours. Good places to make friends and ensure that they have large cocks are your gym locker room and the restroom at your workplace. There are plenty of men there and you can get a good look at their cocks as part of the screening process.

Then, of course, you must bring your friends home so that she can suck their big cocks and get thoroughly fucked while you watch. Think of the enjoyment you will get from this. And your new friends will surely think that you must be the happiest boyfriend or husband. If they only knew just how happy! Some wives get useless gifts but yours gets a hot, hard cock to enjoy. What a lucky lady!

Rule 10:
The erotic cuckold boyfriend should make himself available to serve her friends.

Whether you put on a little striptease for them, make yourself available for their pleasure or even just be their bartender for the night. Lets face it, though, you’re going to be serving a lot of drinks and giving a lot of foot massages. And if you’re lucky, eating a lot of pussy. Bonus points if you do all of this in ladies lingerie and a chastity cage.

And maybe you’ll submit to some good natured teasing and humiliation. You, being a well trained erotic cuckold boyfriend, probably expected this as soon as I suggested lingerie and chastity. The ladies will want to see you strip all the way down to the thong panties that your lady put out for you to wear. A little surprise for them at the end of the striptease.

You will look so pretty serving drinks to the group! Don’t worry about the embarrassment of it all. You’ll be just fine and you know you will love it. You’ll have an erection the entire time.

Her friends will be so jealous!

Maybe you’ll be made to cum in front of a group of fully dressed woman, with you naked, shaved and completely submissive to your wife. Her friends will be so jealous! She will certainly make sure that you haven’t had an orgasm for a few.

You know how much she will love to see you engorged and throbbing, knowing that she is in complete control of your cock. But whatever the scenario, soon the phrase “some friends are coming over tonight” will have a whole new meaning and will eventually cause an instant erection for you.

Next up?

Congratulations, all of my sexy readers. You’ve made it through all ten of my rules for being an erotic cuckold boyfriend! Well, all of them for now anyway. You know I’m likely to add to this list as the mood strikes me. Are you wondering what’s next? I am too! So, it will be a surprise. If you have any ideas or requests for me, just let me know!


erotic cuckold boyfriend

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