~He took my breath away~ Erotic Asphyxiation Play

” Anna, This asphyxiation is dangerous”

“… yes it could be”

” What If I hurt you?”

” You won’t be invited back… if you don’t”



After a nice dinner, and a couple of drinks, I invited my new ” Flavor of the month”, Gabe,  to come back to my house being as it was our second date. I had the dirtiest of intentions in mind for he and I.

Gabe is one of those guys, that you take home to momma. He’s sweet and respectful, kind of reserved. My Total opposite. The kind of guy, I have NEVER dated before. What attracted me to him, was his look, and his killer body. He’s muscular, not beefy. Toned arms.. strong hands.. tight stomach, with that yummy V lingering at the waist of his jeans.

Gabe followed me in, and I offered him a seat in the living room, while I poured us a few drinks in the kitchen. ” Anna, your home is beautiful.”  I rounded the corner, drinks in hand smiling at Gabe,” Thank you, its comfy, and I like it, looks a lot better with you here.”  We giggled. I sat beside him on the chaise, and handed him a drink. He raised his glass in a toast ” To beautiful homes, and the beautiful people in them.”

I smiled.

We chit chatted for a while, about work, and life. Then it got quiet.

” Wanna know a secret? He said. ” Yeah, I wanna know them all” I replied.

He finger motioned me to lean over, and put his hand up to whisper in my ear and said ” You are the sexiest woman, I’ve ever seen, and you’ll have to forgive me for saying this, but the only thing I want to do is kiss you”

I grinned, Biting my bottom lip, as he sat back, like nothing was said. Without speaking, I finger motioned him to lean over, so I could reply, and I whispered:

” Kissing will just be the beginning, I plan on exploring every solid inch of your hard body with my tongue.” I pulled away, raising my eyebrows, and taking a sip from my drink.

He blew out his breath, and tried to gather his thoughts, when a wide smile crept over his lips. I placed my drink on the table beside us, and put my lips again, beside his ear, ” I don’t like nice and easy”

He craned his neck to look at me, ” What do you like?”   ” You’ll see” I said thru a wicked smile. ” You’ll just have to trust me”

I led him to my bedroom. He shut the door. I POUNCED.

I was on him instantly, kissing him hard.. deep.. passionately. My hands ran over his hard chest, I yanked his shirt open, hearing the buttons click as they fell on my floor. He Spun me around, pushing me up against my bedroom door, pulling my shirt over my head, and kissing between my tits and pulling my bra down so he could ravish my nipples. His mouth covered my areola, and he sucked and nibbled. He lifted me up, as he did, I wrapped my long legs around him, crossing my heels one over the other. Gabe sat me on the bed, I reached and began to undo his belt, whipping it thru his belt loops. I held onto it.

I Knelt down beside my bed in front of him, and started to rub his cock…. God, was he hard. I looked up at him, taking the end of the belt, and tracing the veins of his cock. ” I want you to fuck me Gabe, do you want to?”

” God, yesss” He managed.  ” I am the type of girl that needs a special kind of attention, you understand? ” I smirked, as I steadily stroked. ” Yes Anna”

I Offered up the belt. He looked curiously at it.

” Around my neck” I said, moving my hair to the side.

” Anna, This is dangerous”

“It’s known as erotic asphyxiation, and … yes it could be”

” What If I hurt you?”

” You won’t be invited back… if you don’t”

He placed his belt around my neck, and slid the end thru the buckle. I opened my mouth, and took his Cock all the way down, letting my gooey spit cover him.

I Stood facing him, my hands over his, cinching the belt tighter. He pushed me back onto the bed, and TORE my panties off, rubbing his spit covered cock against my glistening pussy lips.

” fuck me” I whimpered… he taunted my clit

“Fuck me” I wriggled, as he stole his cock away, and spit on my pussy

“Pleasssssssse… FUCK ME!!!” I screamed.  HE SHOVED his cock inside me, ROUGH RAMMING IT.

“Ohhh, my god yes! Pull tight, PULL TIGHT!”  he rolled the leather strap around his hand, and pulled. He was grunting, and growling as he pummeled away at my slippery pink cunt.

My face grew hot, my breath choked away from me, my eyes watering.

I felt myself letting go… euphoria.

Releasing my juices all over him. My cunt clenched tight around his cock, like the pleasure neuse he created for me. His dick began to spasm inside my flooded pussy, and he YELLED as he was cumming.

I think I’ll invite Gabe over again…

or I could always play with you.. *grabs belt*

Erotic asphyxiation, one of my many kinks.

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