Life is so Beautiful When I’m Gagging

I love gagging on your enormous cock.

Run your fingers gently through my long flowing red locks,

Look down at me lovingly while I’m on my knees before you,

Allow me to kiss lick and tease your cock without cease.

Touching it… stroking it.

The beast in you starts to build, as my mouth is so warm… so wet.

Everything about me inviting you to ravage me.

From my playful smile, to my hardened nipples.

In your view, is the small of my back and my beautifully curved ass.

You Only catch a glimpse, as my mouth is relishing in the wonderment that is, your Cock.

I worship you with my mouth,


tongue flicking…


gently sucking…

My Stare locked onto yours.

I let spit just seep from my lips, drenching your Dick.

Running down the length of your shaft, like a melting candle.

Your fingers grab and entangle in my hair, winding … TIGHT

and you’ve had enough of the teasing.

I see you clenching your jaw as you drive me

and Inside Im begging to be used.

Pushing that Thick Mushroom into my pristine mouth.

Getting your grip, and shoving it past my tongue

Straight into my throat.

I Swallow around you


You Push Further.

I Gag and wretch. You Hold me there, cutting off my air for just a second.

Feeling my wriggle.



You Fuck my mouth and throat, as I begin gagging on your cock

You Sink your cock into my throat, and pull it out

Strings of my gooey spit connecting us.

You Shove it back in, gagging me once more.

Your Using my mouth like a pussy.

Fucking My Face. Skull fucking me.

Im Gagging on your cock.

You use me as a hole to pleasure yourself with

Bucking wildly into my mouth.

Thrusting into my throat.

Your member, ramming against the very back of my throat.

Pumping me.

Gagging me.

And Flooding my throat with your cum.

My Mascara running, my cheeks wet from tears

thick gooey  Spit covering my tits

My Lips red and swollen, from your throat fucking.

My Throat Sore from gagging.

Hunger fed from your CUM.

I Run my tongue over my lips

showing my appreciation.

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