English Teacher’s Pet

I lost my virginity to a boy I had been dating in high school, it was amazing as always. So naturally after my first time, I wanted to go and fuck whomever I wanted. I wanted to experiment, and to learn exactly what I wanted. So it’s no surprise that when the chance to fuck my English teacher arose, I grabbed on tight and took one hell of a ride.

My English teacher had assigned the class this big paper, it had to be written with all proper grammar. After each class one student would have to stay after and have a revising session. It was a Thursday afternoon when I finally got to take my turn with my teacher and become the “teacher’s pet”. He was a sexy 40 year old man, with dark hair that had gray poking through on the sides. I blushed thinking about sitting in the classroom alone with him.

“Mr. Thompson, could I use the restroom first?” I asked him nervously, he nodded his head and I ran down to the hall restroom. I fixed my hair and unbuttoned a few of my shirt buttons, hopefully to bring attention to my big tits. I looked over myself in the mirror, making sure that my uniform skirt was short enough for him to see my long legs.

When I arrived back to my classroom, Mr. Thompson was sitting at his desk reading over my paper. I walked over to my chair that sat next to his, and leaned my body over his to see my errors on my paper. I made some lame joke in hopes that he would notice me flirting and trying to grab his attention.

I was so naïve in high school, I had no clue at that time that he wanted to fuck me as badly as I wanted to fuck him. I had no clue how easy it was to convince a guy to fuck me. Mr. Thompson began talking to me about my paper, and what I could do to improve it. I began rubbing my chest slowly with my hand, while biting my lip at the same time.

Mr. Thompson smiled at me, I knew he wanted a taste. He slowly lifted his hand and tucked my hair behind my ears. Before bringing his hand back he put his hand behind my head and brought me in for a deep sensual kiss. I tasted his tongue, as it collided with mine. I bit his bottom lip as he worked them up and down.

“We shouldn’t be doing this Mallory…” Mr. Thompson whispered as he continued kissing me.

“No, we probably shouldn’t” I said as I made my lips nibbled as his ear and down towards his neck.

Before he could tell me to stop, I took his hand and brought it to my tits. I moved my shirt out of the way and took my right tit out of my bra. My nipples were hard as I moved his head down so he could suck on them. As soon as his tongue hit my hard nipples I began to moan and arch my back.

Mr. Thompsons hand moved in between my thighs, and up towards my extremely wet pink slit. He fingered my clit before sticking three fingers inside of me, he moaned with pleasure when he felt that I was so tight.

I remember how hard his cock was when I unzipped his pants, and brought it out. It was already throbbing, and I could tell it was ready for a taste of my tight slit. But before I let his cock inside of me, I got down on my hands and knees and shoved his manhood inside of my mouth. I reached up and began rubbing his balls as I deep throated him.

I threw all of the papers that had been taking up space on Mr. Thompson’s desk, and sat my bare ass right on it. I grabbed his body and brought it closer to mine, unbuttoning everything that was keeping his body from being close to mine. I was going to fuck my teacher over and over again, and I knew I would get an A++ in it.

Mr. Thompson and I spent all evening doing some kinky and naughty things, most of them that you would actually need to hear me talk about it. Give me a call to hear all those fucking dirty details, and how I fucked my English teacher.

Sweet Kinky Phone Slut Mallory