Funny and embarrassing sex stories revealed right here.

Embarrassing sex stories #1

Embarrassing sex stories Oops did I just call you the wrong name? This happens a lot when you are with someone for a long time then you move on to someone else. That other person’s name is a habit and sometimes comes out at all the wrong times, like while having sex. It may be an honest mistake but still embarrassing.

Embarrassing sex stories #2

Oh no, did your girlfriend not count her days right? Did her period come early? This can be what is considered a bloody mess. If you don’t care about it then keep going. Save your lube for another day. This warm wet mess is actually better than lube I have heard.

Embarrassing sex stories #3.

When your OH Face is as funny as you think. It is never a good thing to hear your partner laugh during sex. So when you cum and hear a laugh I can almost guarantee it’s your OH Face.

Embarrassing sex stories #4.

Have you or your partner ever been a little distracted? Sometimes sex is not always at the right time and you don’t want to do it. But you just do. My advice is to let them know to hang on. Don’t caught finishing watching that game on tv while your getting a blow job. Bad things might happen if you are.

Embarrassing sex stories #5

Some bodily functions just aren’t that sexy. Well unless that’s what you’re into. But I wouldn’t try the whole pee or poop thing unless you know for sure that your girl is into the potty play or that can get really embarrassing and smelly. If she is into it then good, go for it.

Embarrassing sex stories # 6.

Let’s talk about fake moans. They are a no. Just don’t do it. They are distracting and can be funny as hell. Again laughing during sex isn’t good. Do not and fake it and get laughed at.

Embarrassing sex story #7.

Drunk sex. Make sure both of you are drunk. This can be fun and amazing sex sometimes. As long as both are drunk. If only one of you is intoxicated then things might go wrong. I will also say that the non-drunk will not find this very amusing.

Embarrassing sex stories #8

Go hard or go home. Yes, guys, this is self-explanatory. We all know it happens and we will all laugh at it. So make sure when you get to that age you make a little trip to the dr to ensure you a prepared when it does happen.

Embarrassing sex stories #9

Hygiene matters, Please, please, please, for the love of God shower and brush your teeth before sex. I would have thought this was a no brainer but apparently not. People need to be reminded of this. Just sad.

Embarrassing sex story #10

Hold, please. Guys try your hardest to not cum too early. No one likes a minute man. You don’t want to do the walk of shame out of her bedroom. She might never call you back.

And the last embarrassing sex story #11

It is a proven fact you can break your penis. When pounding her hard make sure you don’t come out to far and misjudge going back in. Rumor has it that is as painful as childbirth.

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