Embarrassing Sex Stories – Submissive, Dirty Toilet Pig

Embarrassing sex stories make me laugh. Not embarrassing for me, of course. Oh no!

I have this shit-eating submissive little bitch I occasionally play with and punish. He’s already been my obedient little puppy, but then I thought to myself how much more fun it would be to make him a pig.

One day I came home to find my pussy puppy in his cage where he belonged, naked save for his pup gear. I unlocked his cage and let him out. He graveled at my boots like a good, trained puppy he was. Reaching down, I pulled his dog ears off his head and yanked out his anal plug pup tail. Smiling wickedly, I replaced both of these items with those in likeness of a pig. Curly pink tail, floppy pink ears, and even a nose.

I attached the leash and took my new piggy to the fair where he could spend some time in slop with the rest of the filthy pigs.

He went into the pig pen with absolutely no problem at all, dirty little fucking slob that he was.

I followed him into the pen, closing the gate behind me and taking off his leash. The corners of my mouth turned upward while an evil idea danced in my eyes.

He looked up at me and he oinked at me so sweetly. It sickened me how he crawled at my feet while all the other pigs circled around him. He was just so content where I put him. All the pig shit, I realized, covered the tops of my heeled boots.

That made me very mad so I grabbed the back of his neck, shoving his face into the rancid pig shit. Grinning savagely I started rubbing his face in it. Letting him come up for air he squealed oh so happily. This disgusting freak would let me do absolutely anything I wanted to him.

I rolled him over onto his back, unzipping my tight pants and squatted above his mouth. “You like this, don’t you because you’re a filthy fucking pig bitch?”

He kicked his feet in exquisite delight. Pushing on my lower belly I filled his mouth with my golden liquid, the liquid he survived on.

Smacking his open mouth, making the piss flood down his throat I said, “drink it all! Spill a drop and you’ll fucking regret it!” I then followed that by making him lick my boots clean.

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