Punish me? You can try…..but be prepared for what you may have created…..

Punish. That’s where someone does something to you because you’ve done something wrong. Well, what I did wrong was to become submissive to a complete dick who pushed my limits one too many times. I got sick and tired of his shit, so I concocted some punishment of my own.

He finally woke up. In one way or another, I knocked him out. You can be left to your own devices as to how I did that. He was tied, ass up, to a spanking bench and all dressed up. I will refer to him only as a boy.

He looked so confused, scared, and oh so pathetic. “You think it’s okay to push me beyond my limits over and over again? You’re a worthless piece of shit and I’m going to show you just how worthless you really are.” I told him as I light up a cigarette. “Untie me!” He ordered. “Fuck you,” I responded. I take a few drags off my cigarette. I pulled his head back and ashed my cigarette into his mouth. He sputtered and tried to spit it out. I left it there on the floor so he could smell the smoke, breathe it in.

I put on a strap on about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick. “I’m not using any lube either.”

“No, don’t do this.” He whined.

I laughed. “Don’t do this.” I mocked. “God, you’re so fucking pathetic! When it’s me wanting you to stop, you don’t. And, I’m so fucking sick and tired of it! Do you understand me? Oh, no, you don’t. Not until I fuck you raw will you ever understand.”

I rammed that dildo inside his ass. He cried that it hurts. I only laugh and grab a studded paddle. I hit him hard. “You’re a fucking piece of shit and this is what you deserve. This is you reduced to a sniveling, pathetic mess. After everything, I’ve done for you? Well, I’ve had enough of your bullshit boy!”

I fucked his ass while I smacked him with that paddle. This is how I punish. This is how I get even. I lit up another cigarette and let the ashes fall on his ass and lower back.

“Beg me, boy. Beg me to stop!”

“I’m going to get so even with you the next time I dominate you.” He snapped. I could hear the anger in his voice.

I laughed again, an evil, sadistic laugh and it felt freeing. “I’d like to see you try.”

It made me feel SO good taking control of him. Fucking him in the ass. Smacking him with a paddle. I pulled the cock out of his ass, walked around, grabbed him by his hair, pulled his head up. “Suck it, boy!” I slapped him in the face. “I said do it! You’re my bitch now, boy, do you understand?”

And, he was. A slave of a slave. My bitch. All mine. Do you like how I punish him?

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