An Embarrassing Sex Stories Adventure to Stir Your Urges!

Embarrassing sex stories are what keep us humble and down to earth.  These kinky sex stories keep us grounded and make us remember we are truly human!  I was urged to put this post out by my close friend James.  After hearing my tale, James became so aroused he had to do something about his erection.  I’ll tell you more about James a little later.  For now, I’ll dispense with my story.

A few years ago I had a horrible potty accident.  I’m so embarrassed even writing this tale.  Again, my purpose is to show you how humiliating this experience really was.  A few years ago I went on a date with the man who would be my husband.  This was our first date and I was super nervous and excited.  I didn’t want to do anything that would mess up the mood of our romantic date.

Antonio showed up on time.  He looked just as nervous as I did.  I remember that night very vividly.  He took me to a seafood restaurant by the beach.  That night promised dinner, dancing, and maybe more!  I still curse myself for having too many drinks.  I had wine, tea, soda, and oh so much water!

Halfway into dinner I already had to go to the bathroom.   

I felt the urge that started inside my belly.  I found a good stopping point and excused myself to go find a bathroom.  Darn, the restrooms were out of order.  Why me on this night?  Slowly, I headed back to the table hoping we could leave soon.

I didn’t want to show Tony I was feeling the urge to go right there.  I clenched my legs closed and for a while that helped.  Next, we went dancing.  The restrooms had a long line.  What kind of place only has one toilet for all women?  My eyes watered from the urgency.  I couldn’t think straight.

Tony invited me to dance.  That was the last thing I wanted but didn’t want to seem rude.  A slow dance wouldn’t hurt.  His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me close.  I felt a little wee slip out into my panties.  I instinctively grabbed my crotch.  How embarrassing!

I made my excuses and told Tony I wanted to leave.  We made the painful ride home.  I was debating on stopping on the side of the road.  My legs quivered as I fought to hold back the torrent of liquid that wanted to erupt through my tortured hole.

Oh, home was in sight. 

I could do this!  On the way to my door, Tony grabbed me and started swinging me up for an embrace.  I squealed in panic.  This was not the time to play.  His fingers started tickling me.  I clenched my legs and screamed.  Apparently, Tonly thought this was both funny and hot.  He tickled me again around my waist where I was most vulnerable.

My bladder burst and a torrent of hot yellow-golden urine started going down my legs.  The entire wait was too much.  I was so embarrassed that a puddle of hot fluid pooled at my feet soaking my shoes, my socks, and my new jeans.

I hung my head in shame. Did I just do that?  When was the last time I had an accident?  You’re probably wondering what happened next.  We laughed of course.  What else could I do?  When I told this to my friend James, he was quite aroused and told me some of his desperation confessions.  I’ve had many embarrassing sex stories and this one will not be the last one.

I’d love to share more embarrassing sex stories and hear some of your fantasies.  Do you love being put in your place?  Then call for your very own humiliation phone sex!



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