I’m not done telling embarrassing sex stories quite yet.

I definitely love sharing my sexploits, but sometimes they can be pretty embarrassing sex stories.  I was just beginning to tell you about a recent visit to the hospital.  It’s quickly becoming one of may favorite crazy sex stories.  I was volunteering there, reading to patients.  Then, I passed by a room and realized there was a man stroking his cock in there.  I had snuck up on him to get a peek when he caught me spying on him.  Then, I decided to make things interesting and began improvising a dirty fairy tale.

I looked up at him over the book I was pretending to read from. He was turning red as a beet.  He refused to look at me.  I smiled and said “You know, I’ve never been a big fan of fairy tales.  I prefer the fantastical things in my life to be lived out, and not to be read from a book.”

Finally, his eyes popped over to me.  He looked confused.  I closed the book and laid it on the bed next to me.  Looking him over once more, I noticed that he didn’t really look that sick.  He was hooked up to a heart monitor and various other beeping machines, but otherwise he appeared to be perfectly healthy.  Obviously, I was not about to waste any more time.  The moment I realized what he was doing my panties flooded with wetness.  I climbed up onto the bed on my hands and knees and crawled on top of him.

He didn’t dare move.

I pulled back the blankets, exposing his still rock hard dick and wrapped my hand around it.  He let out a breath he had apparently been holding and he closed his eyes as I began to stroke it.  It felt so warm and hard and I just had to feel it inside of me.  I pulled my soaked panties to the side and lowered my pussy down around his cock.  He moaned loudly and I began to ride him, grinding my slippery cunt down into him.  His breathing was beginning to pick up.  He felt so good inside me I didn’t even notice that his heart monitor was beeping more rapidly.

Just as I felt my pussy begin cumming around him the beeping got louder and more urgent and into the room ran 2 nurses.  They frantically threw back the curtain and there we were fucking like mad in his hospital bed….

I could have just died in the moment, but damn what a story to tell!

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