I’m sure we all have some embarrassing sex stories.  I’m no exception.

I’ve shared some embarrassing sex stories before.  I’d have liked to think that maybe I was done getting myself into those types of situations, but a naughty girl like myself?  I can’t stay out of trouble for too long.  It’s just a hard sex truth that embarrassing situations happen.

It might surprise you, but I do a little volunteering when I can.  It can’t be all sexy fun and games.  Sometimes, we have to give back and help others.  Also, maybe trying to make up for my bad girl behavior.  Tip the karma scale a little bit more in my favor, ya know?  Anyhow, I was at the hospital, reading to patients.  Now, one thing I have learned from my time at the hospital, its best to not glance into rooms when you’re walking down the halls.  I’ve gotten some glimpses I could have definitely done without.  However, this day, I was walking down the hall and I heard a moan coming from the open door I had just passed by.

Moans and groans are pretty commonplace in a hospital.  However, this seemed different.  Those moans sounded much like the ones I hear in my ear when I’m talking to you naughty boys.  I took a few steps back an peered around the door frame.  The door was wide open but the curtain was pulled.  The low moans grew louder and I could hear the faint sounds of a hand jerking a wet cock.  I crept closer.  He could have easily seen my feet inching closer behind the curtain.   He was too distracted to notice.  Just as I reached out for the curtain to pull it aside for a peek, my tennis shoe caught the floor and let out a squeak.  Then, silence.

“Who’s there?!”

I pulled back the curtain to reveal myself and saw that he had covered himself but there was no denying the tented blankets in his lap.  He looked me up and down and his eyes stopped on the book in my hand momentarily  “Uh, I’m here to read to you, if you like” I replied, glad I was quick enough to cover my ass.

“Oh.”  He kept looking me up and down for a moment, sighed and nodded.  Then, I walked past the chair sitting in the corner and walked over and sat on the foot of his hospital bed.  He shifted nervously, but I opened the book and gave him a smile.

“Once upon a time… In a place much like this one… There was a man who had a magic wand… A magic wand, so wonderful that when used properly would give the man the greatest pleasure he had ever known.”

There is more to tell and more embarrassing sex stories I’m dying to share.  Lets have some hot fucking phone sex and talk all about it!

Phone Sex Free!