We all have embarrassing sex stories.  Nobody is perfect.  We all have our fuck-ups.  Here is one of mine.

You would imagine with all my sexploits that I might have a few embarrassing sex stories to tell. You bet your ass! I’ve got a few doozies and I’m sure we will get to all of them in due time. You might recall a story I told about me wanting my hubby to fuck my mom, well I suppose you could consider this the prequel.

For a few years before we were married, David and I lived one town over from where I grew up. We had been pretty adventurous with our sex lives but took great efforts to be discreet. Rumors fly in a small community like that, and my mother with her judgemental eyes was never far away. Then, opportunity struck.

Daddy surprised my mother with a vacation for their anniversary, which just happened to be over super bowl Sunday. So, I planned it out. We were hosting a little sexy soirée disguised as a super bowl party. It seemed perfect to me. Our new lovers would show up in their football attire carrying a covered dish (what can I say, orgies make a girl hungry) and that, obviously, wouldn’t raise suspicions with the neighbors.

I figured we would actually turn the game on and folks could watch if they wanted, but the rest of us were stripping off our jerseys and exploring each other’s bodies. Needless to say, no one was just watching the game. However, there were some that figured out how to multitask. (Boys and their football, am I right?)

I was on my knees wearing only a sheer oversized football jersey and just starting to wrap my lips around a big girthy piece of cockmeat when I heard my name being shrieked as only a mother can do.


Fear quaked through me. I turned my head and saw not only my mother, but my father, and a very dear friend of the family, who also happened to be the youth pastor of their church. Then, I remembered when they had asked if we were going to watch the game I had giggled to myself and said we were having a party… Then, the vacation ended early… fml. We are all going to need sex therapy.

Do you have any embarrassing sex stories you would like to share? Give me a call.

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