Embarrassing Sex Stories, It Just Might NOT Be What You Are Expecting!

I was sitting at the bar. I was feeling lonely but mostly just really horny. There were lots of young men in the sports bar. Tonight I was craving a young dick. I was looking around trying to decide who I wanted to play with when an innocent looking boy sat down next to me and ordered a beer.

I smiled at him slightly just acknowledging his presence but not flirting. He smiled back and said hello. He started nursing his drink while watching the game on the television above the bar. I made a few passing comments about the plays when I became aware which team he was rooting for. I wanted him to feel like we were on the same team. After the game was over we sat talking about it and the night passed pleasantly.

He was new to the city. Came here for a job and just as I had first thought he was just a small town boy, innocent. As we sat talking I began flirting slowly with him. Little touches here and there soft caresses. The touch of a Mother and yet a sexual undertone. He was eating it up. I confessed to him that I was a phone sex operator. That seemed to turn him on.

Have you ever had a sportsman special?

Near closing time, I leaned in pushing my tits toward him letting him see straight down into my cleavage. Thomas darling, have you ever had a sportsman special? He looked confused, what is that he asked? Well, darling its where you get to fuck Mom and Daughter! His eyes became large and he audibly started breathing faster. No, I haven’t he stammered.

Well, tonight is your lucky night because I want you to come home with me. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I could tell he was lost in thought. Which he was because he was wondering what my daughter looked like. Then he had a look of resolution and agreed to come home with me. Unknown to me he was thinking that if I looked this good at forty-six then my daughter must be fucking hot!

There was a lot of foreplay in the cab ride to my home. I rubbed his hard cock through his pants and was pleasantly surprised. He was sucking on my nipples through my dress and the cabby was hard-pressed to keep his eyes on the road.

Mom are you awake?

We walked in the house and he was looking around impressed with my elegant home. He was smiling and I was very pleased knowing I was about to get fucked so hard. Make yourself comfortable baby, let me just get her. I walked over to the bottom of the stairs and shouted, MOM are you awake we have a playmate tonight!

I turned smiling at my guest and he was staring at me in horror.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a sexual situation where you were very unpleasantly surprised? I would love to hear all about it if you call me for some mature phone sex.  Don’t worry because I LOVE taboo phone sex also! There is nothing you can say that I won’t absolutely get into it with you! I love it nasty and you can’t shock me baby but I hope you try!