Burp Fetish-Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment It Might Just Be Fun!

I had been with this guy for about two years and things were really get boring sexually speaking! We had been trying roleplay and it always ended up with us just laughing at ourselves but completely turned off.

Sexy lingerie was something we both really enjoyed but come on it is not going to get the job when you have that much time together.

We were trying to revive our sex life!

Porn was the next step to our sex revival. We started watching porn together promising to keep an open mind and try new things.

One night we were watching this girl give amazing head to five different guys! It was super hot and got us both horny. So I got down in front of him pulled his dick out and started stroking it and sucking it just like she was doing. He was really loving it and was so hard his dick was throbbing!

He forced his cock down my throat!

He had his hand on my head pushing me harder and faster, he was really face fucking me hard when suddenly I burped and it was a deep huge burp! I could not pull my head off his dick as he was forcing his dick down my throat at this point. I felt it coming up my throat but there was no stopping it or my man’s assault to my mouth!

It erupted blasting his cock with its righteous exit. With him slamming my throat he felt it vibrate his cock! From then on he would insist every time I burped he wanted to feel it with his dick shoved down my throat!


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