Blackmail Sex Stories, My Daughter’s Professor Knew My Little Secret!

My daughter was devastated she was going to lose her scholarships and her Father was going to cut her off if she failed her classes. She was an honor student so we could not understand why she was failing and so miserable in one of her classes.

I went down to Professor Robinson’s office to resolve this. I knocked on the door and a middle-aged slightly grey at the temples opened the door. He did not smile but looked me up and down. I saw recognition in his eyes yet he pretended he did not know who I was.

I am Veronica’s mother and I need to speak to you about her. He invited me in and sat behind his desk ready to hear what I had to say. I could tell he was a very intimidating man. However, my husband was a  politician of some esteem. I squared my shoulders and met his eyes.

I need you to tell me exactly why my daughter who is an excellent student can’t seem to make a good grade in your class?

Because ma’am I am not prepared to give her a good grade at this time. He said bluntly. Excuse me, I was astonished. “It is very simple. I know you have been fucking your husband’s best friend. He pulled out an envelope and inside were incriminating pictures. I just stared at them completely unsettled not knowing what to do or say. “What do you want?” I asked. Well your daughter will get her good grades and your husband will never know but first, you have to submit to me and do everything I ask. Do you understand? I looked him in the eyes and knew instantly what he wanted. “For how long?” even though I knew the answer. “Until I am tired of you.” again he said bluntly.

He was choking!

He stood and lifted me from the chair gently stroking his finger down my cheek. Then roughly bent me forward over the desk he lifted my skirt and yanked my panties down hard. With his hand around my neck keeping me pinned to the desk and my ass up he spread my legs with his leg and I felt his fingers trailing across my pussy.

“Yea that is a nice pussy and ass baby” he whispered. He quickly undid his zipper and soon his dick was thrusting deep inside me. Spreading my pussy lips and stretching my dry pussy open. He took no care to make sure I was wet and ready just invaded me hard and rough. Tearing me apart and choking me he continued his assault. Fortunately, it only lasted for a few thrusts before he was cumming hard inside me.

Your daughter must be even sweeter!

Soon as he was finished he sneered and said, “there is a nice little present you can take home to your husband for me. Now leave and I will call you when I want more of that fancy-ass again. Next time, bring your daughter I bet she is even sweeter than her Mother.” I was dismissed.

Adjusting my clothes I looked up sharply, “you can’t mean that” I begged. “I do and you will or you will destroy your perfect life. Your husband would never appreciate that! In fact, he would most likely make you and her pay this just to keep me quiet.” Unfortunately, I knew he was right. My husband would not let anything ruin his political career.

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