I’m not sexy all the time, as my embarrassing sex stories can point out.

In my embarrassing sex stories, I’ve often had to put my foot in my mouth or rethink my ideas. But there’s one that really isn’t my fault.

It’s the moose’s fault.

I live in Alaska, which means we all like the outdoors- for hunting, camping, and, of course, fucking. My date and I had managed to take his pickup down some back roads by his dry cabin, and we were going to fuck in the back of the pickup by a clearing he said was just beautiful. It was spring for us (May), and we were both too enamored by the ability to be outside to remember what else is outside in May.

(Hint: It’s moose. Angry moose cows who have just given birth.)

We made it to the clearing and climbed in the back of the truck, where my date put a shallow mosquito net around us so we could start fucking. I spread his legs and pulled out his dick, the warm sun on my skin after months without it.

I started with the tip of his cock, tracing it with my tongue around and around. His hands gripped my hair. Right as I began to deep throat him, I heard him say, “Oh Fuck!”

I didn’t think anything of it. Lots of my partners say this when my mouth is around their cock, especially after I swallow him down with ease.

Then came the boom. The truck shook, and for the first time in years, I choked on a dick.

Me. Choking on a dick.

I felt 17 again.

Luckily I didn’t bite him. However, I did let him fall out of my mouth as I struggled to breathe. Immediately, there was another “boom”, as the truck shook again. “Lay low,” my date told me, and through my tears, I saw a moose cow with her two calves, eyeing the truck like it was Satan itself.

I couldn’t keep coughing, but by our laying down, the moose cow seemed to decide we were no longer a threat and took her calves somewhere else. We stayed in the back of the pickup for a good ten minutes until we were sure it was safe to get in the cabin.

It wasn’t my most graceful experience, both in terms of choking on my date or of remembering where I lived, but I do hope it brings a smile to your face. 🙂


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