John T. wasn’t looking for Embarrassing Sex Stories but that was what he got.

John T. is a married man who got in touch with me a few weeks ago for some sex action and not Embarrassing Sex Stories.

He saw my pic and he can’t get enough of me. I make him so hard and his boring wife hasn’t given him any action in months. He’s thought about finding a fuck buddy but he’s scared of her finding out; he has a great job and that bitch would divorce his ass and clean him out.

I love being his naughty temptation and told him I’d meet him and she’d never find out. I promise. It took awhile to convince him but we finally met and I fucked his brains out in a hotel an hour from his home…but I did a bit more than that.

I gave him Embarrassing Sex Stories by turning him into an adult baby.

I filmed us fucking and let him think he got lucky and had the fuck of his life for a few days then told him that from now on he’s going to be my little fuck toy or else she’s going to see it.

He’s so scared and that’s how I got this strong, professional rich guy to do all sorts of nasty things for me and like it…or pretend to like it because I think deep down he does.

The first thing I did was show him that I was in charge and he was as helpless as a baby. I bought a few things online and had him come over while his wife was out shopping.

I made him get naked and I handed him a diaper to put on. He got embarrassed and his face turned bright red as I grabbed his dick, squeezing it as hard as I could. “Do it or else the wife will know everything.” I twisted his dick until he was whimpering then turned on my camera.

He didn’t have a diaper fetish so it was especially humiliating for him.

 I wanted to film everything and got a great view of him stepping into his diaper. I propped the camera against a book on the coffee table and told him to get on all fours because babies crawl. He looked so pathetic and I laughed my ass off when I made him crawl around the room.

I made him sit in front of the camera while I went to the kitchen and came back with a bottle. I sat on the floor and pulled him onto my lap so I could feed him.  He tried to pull his head away as I pushed the bottle into his mouth. “Come on, drink up for Mommy,” I said and he started sucking on it. “Good boy,” I said as I patted his back.

I couldn’t believe I was making him do this, what a loser and it’s all because he’s a horny moron who’s scared of little old me.

This was going to make another great blackmail vid and I rocked him as he finished his bottle. When he was done I put a pacifier in his mouth and asked him if he needed to go potty.

 He shook his head so I got him another bottle and made him drink it. We then played with a toy car for a while and I asked him again if he needed to potty. Shaking his head I knew he was lying and asked if he needed to pee-pee. Blushing he stared at the floor and I said him he could only go in his diaper. He shook his head so I made him sit there until he was squirming and doing a potty dance. He finally gave up and pissed himself.

His phone went off and I read the text. His wife was saying she was bringing home dinner so I had to let him leave. Now I need something really good for us to do next time. I love Embarrassing Sex Stories!

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