Embarrassing sex stories should be told to everyone!  So, here we go!  Today is my day to take my husband to lunch. But, when I got to his office, his secretary, Becca said he was with Mr. Flynn and I was expected! Hmm.

Nevertheless, walking into the office of the Chairman of the Board I saw Don,  my husband sitting on the sofa and his boss leaning on his desk.

“CUM in, Joey. So glad you made it, ” Flynn said.
“Hello, M. Flynn,” I said as I went over to the couch and said, “Ready to go Don?” I asked.

“I’m afraid Donny can’t leave just yet, at least not until you suck my cock,” he said with a leer.
“Excuse me, you pig?!?

“In addition to that, Donny wants to keep his job and that’s gonna depend on what you do in the next 10 minutes.”
I saw sweat break out on Don’s face as Mr. Flynn unzipped his slacks and started stroking his cock.
“Don…you TOLD HIM?!?

In fact, I knew in an INSTANT that he’d told about be using him as my Cuck with his direct boss! FUCK!

Equally important, Don looked like the sap he was. He couldn’t help himself.  He craved the humiliation!

“Tell me you want my cum, Joey.”

Meanwhile, I lowered myself to the floor, now smiling.   “I want your cum, sir.”

“Good girl!” he said as he shot his wad down my throat.

“So, Donny, if you want that corner office, you’re going to have to watch me fuck her.”

And he did!  In fact, Don happily came all over the big bosses office!

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