Did you know that Edging a guy makes my pussy soaking wet?

Lots of things make me tingly but nothing does it faster then Edging a guy and seeing him desperate to cum. The way he whimpers and begs for it while scrunching his face up and bites his lip. The way he writhes on the bed and pushes his hips up while his dick is dying for the touch that will set him off. God, my pussy’s gushing at the thought of it. I needed that in front of me and got one of my fuck buddies to come over.

 He got naked and laid down while I stripped down to my bra and panties. I leaned over him and rubbed his chest, slowly sliding down him as my fingers lightly pressed into him. I could feel every breath he took and kept touching him, my hands moving over his stomach and down his thighs. Ignored his dick and watched as it got harder, standing up straighter with every caress.

 He moaned and I waited until he let out a “Please.” before I put my hand around it.

Feeling him throb in my tight warm fist as I began to jerk him off. I went up and down, giving a little twist so my thumb rubbed over his head and my finger rubbed on the underside of it. He gasped as I touched his sensitive spots and a little drop of pre-cum slipped out of his slit.

I slowly began to go faster while I cupped his balls, bouncing them in palm and kneading my fingers into them. He groaned and said it felt good as I gently tugged down on them, working him up and Edging him until he was getting ready to cum. I slid my hand up and off him, my hand staying still on his balls. I watched as his bucked his hips up, trying to find me and a rush went through me.

Leaned over him, pinning his arms to the bed so he couldn’t touch himself and could feel him brushing against my stomach. He was panting and I told him to beg for me, tell me how bad he wanted it. His voice was strained as he begged me to let him cum, he’d do anything, please, just one more stroke. It was making me so wet knowing I could do this to him and I held his dick steady as I put it in my mouth.

 I sucked on his tip, teasing and Edging it as slightly salty pre-cum covered my tongue.

I rubbed my tongue over his head then moved down slowly. Then I began sucking him off with long sucks. Sliding up to his tip then going all the way back to his base. It must have felt amazing but was nowhere near fast enough for him. Up and down I went, driving him crazy as he reached for me and I slapped his hand away.

 His need to cum was getting stronger and I pushed down on his hip to stop him from moving as I lazily sucked him off. I moaned around him, the gentle vibration making him gasp and I licked my tongue over his shaft. I felt him buck up hard and moved back before he could get one last suck.

Then I slid him out of my mouth and watched as he twisted around. His dick dancing in the air as his heavy cum filled balls inched up even more. I waited to see if he’d accidentally blow but he wasn’t there just yet. He must have been aching so bad and his toes kept curling up. I ran a finger over his wet head, making him shiver then said “You’re going home with blue balls and you better not jerk off when you get there. Tomorrow you’re coming back and you’re going to shoot the biggest load ever.”

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