Edging Girlfriend Sex is how I can easily express myself sexually in the seductive teasing way I enjoy so much.

Expressing how I love working my curves and running my fingertips up my ribs and up to the sides of my breasts. Taking my fingers to my shoulders and neck until I am running them through my hair. Edging girlfriend sex is my ability to seduce you into doing anything I want. In and out of the bedroom, my power over you reigns. Lucky for you, I believe in the theory of “With great power comes great responsibility.” You will be mesmerized by my power, you wait.

I will start by showing you just the right amount of skin. You know those little peeks in strategic places that make you want me so much more, especially across my lower stomach. You can see my soft flesh and picture licking it and coming on it. I stroke my stomach for you a little, pulling up my shirt just a touch and walking toward you with my eyes locked on yours. You see how hungry I am for you through my gaze. The lust builds within my core once I reach you and press.

The slow, sexy process of seduction has just begun. I would love to take this edging girlfriend sex further. Just the sound of your voice gives me a rush of heat and tingles through my body. The depth and grit of you take me to edge play phone sex immediately. I smile, unable to hide my excitement when I look into your beautiful eyes. I can’t wait to get you alone, so I can show every inch of your body what has been on my mind.

Taking you by the collar, I pull you to my mouth, kissing you passionately with desire and lust.

Feel my starvation for your touch against your chest. My tongue slides into your mouth and licks your tongue up and down lightly before curling around. Like a soft serve of sensual seduction, you will melt in my edging girlfriend’s sex mouth. The flames between us can’t be extinguished without the time required for a full-blown explosion. Our hunger for each other is the burst we both fever for. I reach into your pants and stroke your cock as I moan breathy whispers.

One kiss closer to the edge play that I hope you never come back from. I want you addicted to my touch, completely ravenous for my flesh. This is what satisfies my appetite for pure passion. You’re the one I need, the one I crave. This time I make you wait to cum. I tease you over and over, getting you right to the edging girlfriend sex and stopping in that playful way you love.

The way you love touching my body while my breath deepens.

My pussy clenches around your thickening cock. The way I fuck you lets you know exactly how much adoration I have for my cock puppet. It is a dream to have someone I can play any game with and never get turned down. The fact that you have an anything goes openness is the biggest turn on for a girl like me. My massive sexual appetite completes my personality. I love to have as much variety as possible. Having what I want when I want it, of course, is a must.

I always longed to have that variety with one amazing man. Riding you with all of my dirty talk role play enthusiasm, making your cock rock hard inside of me. That feeling sends me well over the edge many times. You watch as I reach nirvana, screaming your name into the space around us. Pressure begins to build inside of your tight balls. I can tell you’re ready to burst at any moment. I stop my grinding hips and pull my wet little pussy off of you, and whisper in your ear. You better not cum until I tell you to. This delicious load belongs to me, and I will decide when to deliver it to your queen.

Having this kind of cock control is very fulfilling. Starting up that deep grind again to see how hard I can make you beg brings me right to the edge with you.