It’s always so exciting for me to find out someone has a secret fetish. It’s probably why I absolutely love to do fetish phone sex! Anyways, I got this new fuck buddy and he tells me he is big time into feet and he just loves mine. I wanted to try something new so I suggested we get into a little edging CEI foot job. Getting a pedicure for our special night and I decided to go with red polish for my toenails.

We met up at a local pub to have a drink or two, and to chat for a bit. I wore the sexiest pair of red high heels with a white sundress with little red roses all over it. My tits were barely able to stay in the dress every time I bent over. He couldn’t keep his eyes off my tits or my pretty feet! Our edging CEI foot job tonight was going to be so much fun. I had him pay our tab and then we headed back to his apartment.

Once there I had him get on his knees in front of me and start worshipping my feet. He smelled and licked my toes and rubbed them all over his face. Taking my stiletto heel and placing it by his mouth to suck on. I had him take my red heels off with his mouth and place them off to the side. I almost thought about changing our edging CEI foot job to a messy CEI self facial, but I wanted to see him lick his cum from my feet.

He lapped at my feet like he already finished his edging CEI foot job!

Having him remove his pants and see his rock-hard cock twitching with need. Place my feet on either side of his shaft as I start to slowly slide my feet up and down his cock. I can hear him groaning for me as I increase my pace. Leaning forward I spit on his cock and made my feet just glide up and down his shaft with his. I knew he was right there so I stopped everything I was doing and slapped him with my right foot. “I can’t let you cum too soon, this is an edging CEI foot job after all!”

Edging him over and over with my feet was just so damn hot! After the 10th time doing it to him he was begging for me to let him cum all over my pretty feet. So I started going faster and faster with my feet, having him fuck up into them, and when he was shaking and on the verge of orgasm I pulled my feet away. Shoving my left foot in his mouth to suck on my toes. He was moaning around my toes and begging for my feet to be back on his cock.

I smacked his cock between my feet, just watching it twitch even more. Smashing his cock between my lubed feet I started back with our edging CEI foot job. This time taking him all the way to that happy ending. I swear there was so much cum all over my feet it was like he was having a meal. Licking every last drop up from my feet. He left them absolutely sparkless and begging for us to do it again.