The guy I’ve been seeing is very much into edging himself, he can literally masturbate for hours before allowing himself to cum. I do have an admiration for his self control. Once I start to play with my pussy, I like to enjoy it and not stop. He’s often made fun and said my pussy makes my mind up, that I am greedy when it comes to my orgasms. I can’t really disagree!


He had a challenge for me and said before our date, he wanted me to masturbate at least eight hours before and come close to having an orgasm, but stop just shy of it and then go on with my day, go to work and everything before our date that night. I thought he was nuts, I’d be walking around all day in a state of arousal and being wet. I couldn’t be productive at work like that. He said it wouldn’t kill me to do it and he wanted to see how much difference it would make to how we fucked that night. I wasn’t thrilled with his little task, but humored him. I got up, showered and played a little in the shower with the water massager and I so wanted to go over the edge and cum as I felt the hot, steamy water pound on my clit, but I was a good girl and stopped. I didn’t know if this tease and denial stuff was for me, but I would try!

It was a hard day at work, I was wet and squirmy from needing to cum so bad and I looked at the clock a hundred times that day to see how much longer until I’d have his dick in me. I finally finished work and went to his place and said I’d not cum, I’d done as requested and done the tease and denial as he told me too and could I please cum now? He undressed me, commented on my soaked panties and pushed me back on the bed and started kissing on the insides of my thighs and found my cunt glistening and soaking wet. He tasted my wetness and said he knew I’d been like this all day from the taste of it and he loved it.

He said he himself had been edging for over an hour before I arrived and he knew these orgasms were going to be blockbusters for the both of us as a result of this edging and tease and denial all day. He was hard as a rock and slid that cock into my dripping pussy and started fucking me so good. I wrapped my legs around him and the squishy sounds of our fucking filled the air my cunt was so wet. My stiff clit rubbed against his cock and a few more thrusts and I was gone over that edge and a few strokes later, I was overflowing with his cum when he came. Fuck it was hot! I can honestly say it was a difficult day being worked up like that, but I came so hard, it was worth it, I now see why he’s so into he edging, it really did make it hotter and more intense.

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