The Edge: A Sex Story

When I saw him across the room, I knew he would be my next sex story.  I slowly meandered in his direction, often pausing to chat, greet others, throw my head back in laughter. I wore a snug, low cut emerald green dress, off the shoulders and beige stiletto heels. My skin was tan from being in the California sun and tonight, my long golden hair hung loose and wavy down my back. There he stood. An incredible Adonis; his brown hair had that look of a Marine, high and tight.

He had dark eyes that appeared amused, with a slight tilt suggesting a touch of Asian bloodline coursing through his genes. High cheekbones chiseled his face into that of a GQ model.  He stood tall, proud, a classic gentleman, dressed exquisitely. A close cut beard, goatee and soul patch, lightly speckled with some grey among the dark brown perfected his Look. Unique, beautiful, a strong, sexy. A man that would be devoured.

How would he become my sex story? He certainly was scrumptious and fuckable.

Although, we were slightly acquainted, though I wasn’t sure if that or any sex story with him was a blessing or blasphemy. Certainly, any interaction had to be furtive and silent. Did that add to my mad desire for him; to caress him, to lick him, to rub my body against his nakedness-to feel him inside me, throbbing.  If I could only get him alone. My imagination ran wild. When I sidled up beside him, he smiled. “How’s your evening, Love? Anything I can do for you?”  He looked me up and down, his eyes drawn to the cleavage impossible to hide.  My blue eyes looked intently into his, hoping that the longing was mutual.

He grabbed my hand silently and I knew our sex story was about to begin. We moved to a hallway, just out of sight.  He urgently pushed me up against the wall. With, slow, wet gentle kisses, hot breath and my tongue I  put my lips on his forehead, ear, and neck, and, when he finally offers them, his lips. My hands feverishly grab his shoulders, wandering over his back, his muscled arms, his chest and finally in between his thighs.  I press my body against him, as he does mine. Our bodies are heated, our moans get a little louder, yet all I wanted was for this pleasure to last and linger. I felt his cock stiffen as he moved and I gasped.

Join me again soon, for part two of this sex story.

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There is no limit to how delicious sex can be.