Who doesn’t crave sex?

When my last boyfriend suggested a vacation at a clothing optional resort, I wasn’t sure what to think, but I kept an open mind. I adapted quickly and comfortably. All around us, everywhere we looked, there was every kind of public fucking imaginable. 
We were surrounded by sex. The first night we stayed, we had sex all night everywhere and watched every imaginable group sex, gang bangs, threesomes, anything you can imagine and more.

The entire experience was sex.

My second night there I was so aroused and had sex on the brain consistently, I remained constantly wet. When I saw her, I didn’t mean to step out of bounds, yet the urgency rumbling in my wet pussy made me step forward. Those large, luscious, berry colored lips begged for my mouth. I moved my body against her body, my nipples hard with arousal. I sucked in her lips, pushing her against the wall, delving my tongue deep inside her innocent mouth. My right hand ran down her blouse and I felt her hard nipple against my palm. Squeezing her nipple with my fingers and she let out a delicious moan.        

I had never had lesbian sex in my life.

Feeling the craving of desire, I blushed and moved to make love to the beautiful woman. Almost everyone at the resort appeared in a sex coma. Just drawn to her skin, her smell, how my fingers felt in the folds of her pussy. Juicy, wet, creamy and womanly crotch. She responded in kind and moved rhythmically against me, like only a woman could. While I was wet, aroused and sexually excited, I peeked over at my friend and he was watching with a few other men. Some of them stroking their dicks, driving me even more into her juicy, naked body. I’d love to tell you how this all ended in a BANG, but you’ll have to call and find out.


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