Edge Play Queen-Building Up Your Cum Geiser

Edgeplay queen is my new favorite way of describing myself. We are living in a world in which instant gratification is fed to us like candy.  In the age of Tinder and online hook-ups, sex is destination-driven.  Of course, when I say destination, I mean orgasm.  Humans are wired for pleasure, and orgasm is absolutely part of that. Phone sex can be that as well.  However, sometimes the deeper pleasure can be felt in the journey rather than the destination.  And that is where the edge play queen can teach you to hold off for more pleasure.

Are you willing to push boundaries?  Do you get bored with the same old routines?  Of course, you do.  If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here.  You want something new, taboo, and exciting.  Edgeplay with Chanel might be just what the doctor ordered.

Hot Phone Sex is your New Edge

Keep in mind; this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Still, if a naughty, mischievous mood strikes you, pick up the phone and allow an edge play call to bring you to the brink over and over.  The sexual intensity will build so high in your body and mind that you will find yourself begging not to cum to keep it going.  In fact, the intensity can make your cock feel both weak and powerful.  Your cock will feel weak from holding all that energy and hot juice in.  More than that, you will tap into your own cock’s power in ways that will surprise and excite you all at once.

Edgeplay can add the perfect elements of spice and danger that will bring you closer and step up your level of sexual intensity. How so? Edgeplay brings you right to the brink of the deepest, darkest parts of the psyche, the places few people dare to tread.

Edge Play Queen Pushes All the Right Buttons

Let’s play a little.  Close your eyes.  Think about your cock but don’t touch it.  Now, slide your hand around the base of your cock.  Squeeze it.  Now start sliding your hand slowly up and down your growing shaft.  Increase in pace.  Breathe in and out with the rhythm of your strokes.  Your balls begin to tighten and draw up towards your hard cock.  Cum is begging to explode from the head and rushes to the edge.  Now stop.  Breath deep.  Your cum filled cock feels like it’s going to explode.  Take a couple of slow, deep breaths.  Place your hands beside you on the bed.

Now, in your mind, I was hoping you could think of me kneeling in front of you. I lean forward, and you feel my breath on your cock.  I breathe in and out, and you feel your cock twitching and growing even bigger with your pleasure. My hot breath moves over your cock.  Grab your cock again…Stroke…Stop…Breathe…  You come close to exploding, and then I pull back.  You feel as though you’re going to lose your mind, but I smile and put my hand on your chest to guide your breath to slow down.  The feeling in your cock starts to dissipate.  Of course, the need to cum doesn’t completely go away.

Edge Play Can Also Include Hot Ass Play

I maintain eye contact as my hand wraps around your cock again.  My hand begins to pump your cock slowly.  I slide my body between your widespread legs and lean my tits against your chest, moving my hand and sliding my legs around your waist.  I lift my ass and reach down to slide your hot flesh into my achingly wet pussy.  Your groans of pleasure fill my ears as I begin to ride your shaft.  The feeling in your cock begins to build again.  Your breath becomes more labored, and I place my mouth against yours, breathing with you.  You and I share the same breath as the pleasure in your cock, and my pussy increases.  And, then I lean forward and whisper, “Cum for me.”

When you can’t hold your cum any longer…    Blissful pleasure erupts throughout every part of you.

Want to Play In Bliss?