Hot Ass Play-A Rage Rocks my Boat

It had been a day filled with frustrations. The day started with me spilling coffee on my brand new skirt.  My hot lunch date ended up canceling because he couldn’t leave work.  And then the day ended with me getting pulled over.  Which, of course, is usually not a problem given my very persuasive voice and body.  But this time, the female officer wasn’t swayed.  Walking into my kitchen, I was pissing mad.  The frustrations of the day were running through my body so intensely I could hardly sit still.  Suddenly it hit me what I needed.  Nothing relieved this feeling quite like hot angry deep anal sex. Hot ass play is just what the doctor ordered.  Phil, my husband is coming home tonight. And then  I smiled when I thought about how I would greet him.

The Best Phone Sex is Just a Dial Away with Chanel

Phil walked into the kitchen and leaned over to kiss me, hello.  I didn’t look up from my magazine.  And, then, I pulled away just as Phil’s lips were about to make contact with my mouth.  “What’s up?” Phil’s voice sounded tired.  And for just a minute, I considered not going through with my plan.  But then I thought of the rewards and plunged forward.  After all, hot ass play was going to make both of us happy.  Looking up at him with a disgusted look, I said, “What’s up?  I can’t believe you have the nerve even to ask that.”  I then got up and left the room.

Cum Play with Me!

Sitting on the side of the bed, I didn’t say a thing when Phil came in.  Phil walked across the room.  I looked away and pretended I was ignoring him.  Reaching down to pull my head up so he could see my eyes, he gasped at the fiery anger he saw in them.  Pulling my chin out of his hand, I stood up to storm away, but he grabbed me around the waist.  Struggling with him, I said, “I’m sleeping in the guest room.  I can’t stand being in the same room with a whoring pig like you.”

Are You Ready for Hot Ass Play?

Phil’s growl filled the room as he threw me on the bed.  Landing hard on my stomach, I flipped over.  As I began to crawl across the bed, I felt his hand reaching under my skirt.  The sound of my panties tearing filled the room.  My pussy filled with juice as I growled in arousal and false anger.

Forced Sex Fantasy will Get Us Screaming Together.

Phil’s big body covered mine as I struggled to get away.  Feeling his powerful thighs pushing my legs apart, I roared with anger.  “Get the fuck off me, Phil. I’m not in the mood.”  But of course, I was so in the mood.  Of course, my cunt was dripping wet from Phil’s ripping them off.   His chuckle against my ear made me fight even more.  His enormous cock plunged deep into my cunt as my scream filled the room.  “You know I want that ass don’t you?”  His husky voice only added fuel to my fire.  “You’re a fucking pig, Phil.”  His hard flesh pulled out of my pussy just as his big palms spread my ass cheeks wide.  “Is this what you want, Chanel?”  I could feel my ass quivering with anticipation of the pounding that was cumming.

Hot Ass Play is a Personal Favorite

When I tilted my ass up high, he chuckled.  And, then, as his hard cock slammed into my dry ass, I screamed in pain.  Of course, the pain quickly changed into deep pleasure as he gripped my hips hard and pounded my ass like a jackhammer.

Cum and Play with Me

“Who’s the whore now, you bitch.”  Phil’s voice joined my scream as orgasms rippled throughout my body. Phil’s hand slid up my back and grabbed a handful of my hair.  And, my screams filled the room as Phil pounded my ass even harder.  My voice was shaking as I begged Phil for his hot juice. Collapsing on the bed I felt Phil’s hot cum shoot into my ass as tingles of pleasure ran up and down my spine. And, then I couldn’t help smiling as I thought how much I love hot ass play.

My Secret Smile of Satisfaction Spread Across my Face