I couldn’t wait to tell you all about the hot ebony shower sex that happened with my married neighbor.  It all started one chilly Friday morning, after returning home from the gym. I was completely sweaty from a serious work out with my personal trainer.  All I could think about was feeling the warm water all over my ebony skin. Peeling off my damp sweaty workout clothes I headed to the bathroom to set the water for the shower.   I turned the knob for cold, then as usual moved to the knob for hot water.  However, no matter how far I turn the knob the water never heated up. The water remained cold no matter how far I turned the hot knob.

This is bullshit!

Frustrated, I went to the utility closet to check the water heater.  It became clear from the puddle underneath the water heater that I had a problem.  I picked up the phone to call my brother. He is the one I call to fix everything. How disappointing to find out that the earliest he could come out would be this evening.  I looked out the window, contemplating which one of my wonderful neighbors I could ask to use their shower for this morning.

That’s when I noticed my sexy neighbor from across the street Dewey. It looked like he had just come in from some kind of work out himself.  He was looking sexy as fuck, in his navy blue and white Adidas. We had definitely flirted a time or two. He is the kind of guy that a naughty neighbor story could assuredly be written about.  Moving from the window to the front door, I slide on a robe and stood in the doorway behind the storm door. Consequently, I watched him assist his wife in loading her items in the car then kiss her goodbye. She beamed a bright smile as she drove away from her home and her sexy husband.

I remained in the doorway, with my robe tied tightly around my waist.  I made sure she was gone before waving him over. Like he had been summoned,  he ran across the street straight to my front door. I opened the door and quickly ushered him in before the other neighbors could see him.   I told him all about the issue I was having with the hot water and lead him to my utility closet. Confirming what I already knew, my water heater was fucked.   

You can use my shower!

Sensing my desperation, he said, “You can use my shower!”  That was music to my ears. I quickly accepted and told him I would gather my things and be over in just a few.   He walked back across the street to wait for me. I headed to the bathroom to grab my favorite lavender and vanilla soap, face cloth, towel and change of clothes.  Packing everything in my Louis Vuitton travel bag I headed across the street. I knocked on the door and he let me in. I followed him up the stairs, into the master bedroom, and into the stunning master bath.  

Ebony shower sex can to the forefront of my mind!

He walked out of the bathroom in the bedroom.   Instead of closing the door completely, I left a large gap in it, thus, leaving the door open just in case ebony shower sex had crossed his mind too.    I could see him nervously sitting on the bed trying not to watch but failing. Making sure he had a great view I opened the door all the way and got into the shower.   The scent of my lavender and vanilla soap filled the air. So I called out to him, he appeared in the doorway, his dick practically about to rip his pants. I looked over my shoulder at him and asked if he had ever had ebony shower sex before?   No word just his head going from side to side to mean no.

“Get Naked!”, I commanded.   I enjoyed watching my neighbor get undressed,  so I slid my soapy hands all over my body.   Words could not describe how turned on we both were. Standing under the rushing water, he kneeled down behind me and began to feast on this ebony pussy. My orgasm gushed as his he perfect tongue dived in and out of both my holes.  Coupled with my legs shaking and now my pussy so ready to be stuffed with Dewey’s nice big fat dick, and he did not disappoint.  

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